Truck Wrestling

The time of year!
(photo P Volker)

Last night just before dark I got done with the work I was doing on my truck. Three days worth of screwing around and that wore me out. Will be off to Jim and Jen’s to start their job shortly this morning. It’s. Tuesday in late September.

I have been wanting to tell you about a blog that comes out monthly by a friend. Debra who is a minister, chaplain, Caminohead and now blogger. Her blogposts are in the Comma at the website for the University Congregational United Church of Christ. Here is a link:

Heart making link

There is even a new word for us, “heartmaking”, cool! So check that out and maybe leave a comment and say Felipé sent you. She needs some more readership, don’t we all.

Well what’s next Felipé? Oh, tonight is the big Presidential Debate! I suppose I should watch it. Well, I will try it for a while and see how it goes. What kind of tapas do you serve for the watch party? Oh, that’s right we have isolation. I will be so glad to have this election over with. They always seems to take up more space than it deserves.

So, walk this afternoon at 4 at Phil’s Camino. It should be beautiful and no smoke. What more do you need?

what more do you need loves, Felipé.

2 thoughts on “Truck Wrestling”

  1. Darling Phil,
    Thanks for the plug! I actually received a LETTER–on real paper–thanking me for mentioning YOUR blog in one of my posts! She now reads your blog all the time. I just love that! Spread the goodness around. You are a tresure, my friend.

    I was on the Camino at exactly this time and my body remembers and my heart yearns to be back. Wow. Here’s to many pilgrimages in any form. Love and hugs to you, Debra

    1. Debra ~ Nothing better than being a Darlin! Thank you, I needed that. Your blogposts are excellent and deserve more readership. Although I don’t really know what that number is but more is better on this one. Will be in town this Wednesday come by and compare notes. Felipé.x

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