Major Accomplishment

Morning after bonfire.
(photo R Thompson)

I would like to have us all pat ourselves on the back for getting through the first debate last night. Wow, that’s a major accomplishment! What have we got two to go, yea but who’s counting.

Me, I couldn’t sit down and watch it, haven’t the stomach for it. I crafted a couple of meatloaves and got dinner together in the next room but within hearing range. So, is it meatloaves or meatloafs? Someone help us out here. Somehow in my half baked brain I see a problem there.

I am not trying to down play the importance of this election but somehow it is not the end all be all of life. We have so much work to do outside of this realm. I say we pay it it’s due and move on. Things won’t change til people’s hearts change. Did Pope Francis say that?

Well in the meantime as we have been “watching” the debate the wildfire smoke has been creeping toward us here in Seattle. I think that this is some long plume that went westward over the Pacific and decided to turn back and bother us. Fortunately it is supposed to stay high altitude due to some physics of weather, which we are happy with.

Maybe I’ll wrap it up for now, have an early dump run to do before things start for the day. The truck is running for me so now I have to use it. OK, see you in a day’s time.

high altitude loves, Felipé.

2 thoughts on “Major Accomplishment”

  1. Meatloaf was/is(?)a say multiple is loaves for example you might buy 2 loaves of bread from a baker (more likely a supermarket in 2020!) however in the unlikely event science was able to clone Meatloaf and the two of them sang together then,I think, you’d have 2 Meatloafs on the stage singing ‘Like a bat out of hell’?!

    1. Kevan ~ OK, I’m good with that, meatloaves it is! Maybe it was a dumb question. Felipé.

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