A New Day

My Rebecca's  church picnic at the ranch.
My Rebecca’s church picnic at the ranch.

Who knows what will happen. If I wish for excitement maybe it will get too exciting. If I wish for routine maybe I will get bored. But usually boring at the hospital is a good thing.

I was mulling that over in the waiting room this AM when I first arrived. I was in a seat next to the new coffee machine, the new fangled one. This section of the hospital got a face lift not to long ago and everything got upgraded including the coffee maker. This new one is unbelievably complicated or so it seems when you first encounter it. All of a sudden getting a cup of joe involves a screen and choices and cursors. What happened to grabbing the pot off the campfire and pouring it in your trusty tin cup. So, that’s what I was thinking and apparently somebody else was thinking something similar. As I was sitting there next to the machine I became aware of this guy trying to figure out the menu and fumbling around with the buttons and mumbling something about hollow point bullets. Yea, I understand.

Let’s see what else is happening? Various nurses are stopping by to chat. They really are the high point of the day for me. They are a great group of people that I get to hang out with. The circumstances could be better of course but it’s what we got to work with.

I got three more hours of chemicals to go. Time to email and research on the web, maybe read my book. Well, thanks for hanging out with me here. It is a
strange place to have as a home away from home but it works.

On Vashon, locals are trying to squeeze the last few drops of juice out of summer. My Rebecca and I were partying the last five evenings in a row. Maybe we get a break, from the good life tonight.

Love you guys, Felipe.x

A Quickie

Sometimes the sunset doesn't happen.
Sometimes the sunset doesn’t happen.

I am going to photograph the sunset in a moment and that will have to do as I just don’t have an words in me tonight. A long day today. Will be off to the hospital tomorrow and I will have time to write.

Things OK, just tired, love you as always, Felipe.x

Lovely People

Felipe on the trail.
Felipe on the trail.

I am sharing something with you that I feel the need to. Not that I don’t trust you to understand but because I guess I am reluctant to admit my weakness. Everyday I hear of a new lovely person who has gotten a cancer diagnosis or a new lovely person who this or that is wrestling with the cancer problem. I feature myself as strong and able to handle all this news or able to talk with them or listen to their story on a moment notice.

But it is wearing on me. I do know that I have the knowledge and ability to help others whether they are lovely folks with the direct problem or lovely people who are caregivers that are having their own brand and share. I guess I am describing a form of caregivers fatigue in myself. I must pray for strengthen for myself. I can’t really help others if I don’t help myself first.

I must pass this along to God. It is too heavy for me to carry but nothing is impossible with him. He is available, I just have to bring it.

Thanks for letting me get that out. I feel better already. Well, off to a big week. I have money making work to do and I have my treatment to do. I have my doctors and nurses to meet with. There are walks and tapas in between all that, pilgrims coming and going. Thanks for helping me cope.

Lovely person that you are, thanks for hanging out with me here, it is turning into a special little corner of the big universe. Big universe loves, Felie.x

Where Are We Felipe? 8/28/16

Logging In.
Logging In.

We are moving along toward Ponferrada. It is about twenty km away. We are currently in the town of Manharin. Plenty of blackberries still for foraging as we walk.

Monday 0900-1000
Tuesday 1600-1700
Thursday 0900-1000
Sunday 1600-1700

Come and do it, Felipe.x

It Began With Owls

My Rebecca's flowers.
My Rebecca’s flowers.

The owls woke me up at 4 AM. It seemed like they were right behind the house, maybe a half dozen of them. What a racket and then they woke up the ravens and they were adding their own luny sounds to the song. By the time I got organized to find my IPad to try and record it they had moved off to the Northeast. One of these times I will capture it and you will hear it. More wild kingdom in your future.

Then we were off to Mass, Catherine and I. We got a chance to have coffee with Father David our new parish priest. I got his email address so we can try and get him over to walk. He wants to walk the Camino so we can break him in. After that coffee we went up to town and had another coffee and accompanying doughnut. Well we had to do our tailgate theology routine in the supermarket parking lot.

Then we hosted My Rebecca church folks for a picnic. We had chicken and potato salad and all that good stuff. And some walked the trail with me and others watched Phil’s Camino with Rebecca.

So big day. Time to relax and watch the Mariners. The best to you, love, Felipe.

Cooler Weather

Phil and Tori at the ranch.
Phil and Tori at the ranch.

We are back in air from the NW Territories Canada. It is going to be in the seventies for the next five days. This is weather to get things done in.

OK, check this out. The big news that I just saw this morning on FaceBook was that Phil’s Camino is going to be showing in Australia! This is so exciting for me. This is the first big leap overseas. Look up Heart of Gold International Film Festival on your wifi machine. It looks like it will be playing with a group of short films in six different locations in September and October. Amazing! There is a lot of interest in the Camino from Down Under. People that I keep in touch with there have been asking when they were going to able to see it and here it is their chance. I am so happy about this.

My Rebecca is having her church’s annual picnic here tomorrow. People will also probably want to walk the trail and see the film. All good.

Well, need to saddle up and get going here, chores and party prep are waiting. Thanks for all your support. Have a good one, Love, Felipe.

An Empty Hour In A Full Life

Can never get enough of this red.
Can never get enough of this red.

I am really cherishing this hour right here right now. This hour talking with you. At nine o’clock things will happen but that’s not now. It is so peaceful right here, just the kind of space to get things done, figured out, expressed.

We had three lovely visitors yesterday to walk and get the experience here. Bill and Janeen and the dogs joined us so we had a merry crew. People come to get touched by something I suppose you could say.

Today Maryka is coming for an hour of archery. She is an old time shooter and serious Caminohead. Then we will be joined by other rock solid Caminoheads Catherine y Dana who will get their first archery lesson this morning. They have been after me for a while to have this happen. Then this evening we are off to a dinner close by with some more lovely folks. Keeping surrounded by good positive people.

Just a handful of minutes left. I guess the message, today is to surround yourselves with positive, interesting people as much as possible. Everyone will prosper from that. Maybe that’s or biggest job these days, not to get beat up by negativity.

Well, time to get out the archery gear. Should be a fun morning. OK, make it happen where you are and see you tomorrow. Love always, Felipe.

58 Degrees F.

The here and now.
The here and now.

Just a hint of a breeze, I can feel it on my cheek but can’t see it rustling anything. Fifty eight degrees now at eight in the morning. Going up to ninety by this afternoon.

I have a walk in a few minutes. Never quite know who will show up. The morning walks are good for contemplating and talking and saying the rosary. Afternoons are more rowdy with visitors and tapas. Today somehow I have both. This morning is scheduled and this afternoon have pilgrims from out of town so we are having a special walk. My Rebecca asked where these folks were coming from and I have to admit I don’t know. It is always interesting were folks hear about the trail. We will find out over wine in the shade later today.

Was thinking about all the great folks coming next month for the film festival. It will be a continuation of our trip to LA that we took last month in some ways. And then we will see other folks from other festivals also. We are part of the circuit now.

Well, the beat goes on as they say. More to happen with the film and the trail here. More to happen with our lives. And we will be here at the blog to sort it all out. Love as always, Felipe.x

Our Group

Flowers on the tapas table.
Flowers on the tapas table.

We had an historic walk and tapa time yesterday here at Phil’s Camino. All the old Camino walkers showed up: Kelly, Rick and Maryka. Rick’s wife Carolyn was here too. The only addition I could think of is Mary Margaret but that will have to wait for now.

Maryka was last here I don’t know when, it would have to be at least a year. It was so great to have her again. We did all the usual stuff plus watched the film, it was the first time she had seen it. She put her stamp of approval on on the film and our whole Phil’s Camino scene.

I so want to get Maryka together with Catalina our official unofficial art historian of the situation here. They both bring so much to the table. I’ll have to have her be the official unofficial head of something.

Just thinking of our group, of all the folks that come and walk and eat tapas. What a fantastic world wide community. This is our group, pilgrims from all over the place, what could be better.

Bye for now. Love, Felipe.


Tapas with our big crowd on Sunday.
Tapas with our big crowd on Sunday.

Just sitting out on the deck in the morning light. A five mile an hour wind is blowing from the SW. Our daughter and family should be back home by now after an all night flight to the East Coast. The washer and dryer are making their particular noises. A car goes by. I’d forgotten how much noise and commotion two year old can generate. He’s a cute little guy though, busy trying to figure out the next thing. But it is quiet now.

My Rebecca is reading me a book, A Man Named Ove, I don’t know exactly why. I mean it is not uncommon for her to read to me but I’m not sure about this particular book. I am supposed to learn something maybe. The protagonist is a troubled soul and he can’t seem to escape himself. His mind is wrapped around the axle as they say, you just want to put him out of his misery, well I do. Maybe that’s the wrong attitude. Maybe I am supposed to feel I am glad that I am not that guy.

I find it very freeing to be out in nature to be able to be outside my myself there. That is what I am feeling right now sitting here listening and looking out. So great to be able to give myself a break.

A bevy of cars go by, ferry traffic. But what I am seeing out here in the distance is the fecundity in the plant world right now. The hawthorn, pear and apple trees are so loaded with fruit that they are sagging and look distorted. This is the time of year when main branches break and whole trees can be destroyed by their own success. A lesson here maybe.

Well, have to get back to the clean up, rounding up toys, putting the guest room back together, getting ready for the next guests. You will have to come some time. Be good to one another, love, Felipe.