Slow Start

A Petrichor beer can, only in the Northwest!
(photo P Volker)

Some mornings I just have to stare at the screen for five minutes before I can start. What to blog about? Well, for one one My Rebecca and I had a bang up few days with our anniversary and her birthday. That was sweet! And yesterday Catherine and Dana showed up to walk and have tapas just like old times! I had made hot spicy chicken wings for that because the big Seahawks Football game was happening too. (we won!)

Now it is a quiet and sunny Monday morning. The air is clear and the weather is looking favorable for the week to come. We are blessed. Lots of stuff happening around the ranch as we transition from summer mode to winter mode. So that is happening. Also I am starting a job this week for Jim and Jen working on their house and grounds. They have an outbuilding that they are going to turn into an art studio for Jen. That will be a fun project!

Rebecca is working relentlessly on getting her second novel to the publisher. She is close. It is somewhat of a chore since she really wants to be writing and researching for novel three about the 1918 flu epidemic. This is all fun for me to watch since I don’t really have to do much but occasionally make wisecracks.

Walking momentarily in the wet grass of morning. The tractor is out by the trail pointed toward the corn. I have the mower hooked up so the 2020 crop can be mowed down and put out of it’s misery. Then to till it under in prep for the clover cover crop for the winter and things next year.

And it is time to harvest a few deer. Last year we only got one between the three of us so maybe we can do a little better than that. I think we have five tags so five is possible.

That is a lot of what Fall looks like around here. The seasons march on before us. We do what we can to keep up with it all.

We saw a hot new documentary film entitled something like Octopus My Teacher a film out of South Africa. Here is a hot new word too: petrichor – (n) The pleasant, earthy scent after a heavy rainfall. That may be a word only for the Northwest since Autocorrect is not buying it, anyway…

anyway loves, Felipé.