Giving Thanks For All The Good Souls

Keeping the fire going, today and the next.
Keeping the fire going, today and the next.

That was Our Jeniffer’s Thanksgiving prayer in an email that I just opened. We both had a hard day at the hospital yesterday. But like her prayer says we had lots of good souls hovering around us to make things easier. Beside treatment we had our intpretation of our scans. Things could have been better with both of them. Doc Gold put us on heavier chemo drugs, Jennifer starting yesterday and I will start in the Spring. I wanted to wait for her to recover from her series before I started. Anyway, that’s what it looks like in a very general way.

It’s all dicey, yes? But Cancer Commandos hang tough. Stuff happens and pretty soon we’re making lemonade, one way or another. I was up in the early hours with the nervous energy from the steroids in my cocktail. Did an hour and a half of writing. Started to develop a list of “Findings”, important things that I found in 2015. I can’t take credit for thinking up anything much originally but can pick up things off the “spiritual ground” and fit them into the Cancer Commando Code. I’m good at that.

So, that is coming up and so is Advent, the leadin to Christmas. We will have to weave that into the blog. Yup, we are following the trail and we will maybe take some side trips to enliven things for you.

Well, have a great Thanksgiving, and live that gratitude tomorrow and the next day. Love you all immensely, Felipe.

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  1. Dearest Felipe, my friend, my brother, Your good soul is needed here on God’s green earth. Cancer waits for no man. Spring is too long, Christmas is too long. But if Dr. Gold is offering you the option to start something to cause the little army to raise the white flag, approach the table and declare peace, I would grab the brass ring now. If the tables were turned and I was waiting for you to get through, you would say the same.

    There it is, a little raw, but it is my advise to you for all Phil’s Caminohead world to see . That is how strongly I feel about it.

    The blue room is warm now with the fire in the woodstove. I feel calm enough this morning as thoughts settle in. They will do over the next days and I will find my feet. I pray for guidance.

    Looking out my windows to the sweeping vista before me I give thanks for this today. The sun is gracing the tops of the cedars and the sight of it washes over me and passes on a shiver of joy. Kitty Olivia nesting nearby on the plaid cushion that embraces just right as evidenced by her tiny zen expression. All is well.

    It is enough for me today. I have lots of chicken soup.

    I give thanks for all the good souls. Thanks to you. xoxo

    1. Oh Jennifer, one of the nicest comment ever. Happy Graditude Day to you up at Casa Myrans. I know that you are in the spirit on that. Thanks for your concern on my treatments. But Spring is OK. It was fine with Nugget. Well maybe I will compromise on early Spring. But you know I was thinking how much more tolerable it would be when it is warmer. I’m always grateful when people are worrying about me, thanks. Commando buddy, Felipe. xoxoxo

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