Would it be OK?

Rowan on the walk today.
Rowan on the walk today.

Would it be OK to show up to heaven in my new elk jammies? Just a random thought I had this morning before too much coffee. You know when you are out on the edge thoughts tend to lose their worries about appropriateness. They don’t seem to care what anyone thinks about them any more.

This is related to a wish I had to die in the Elk Hotel. The Elk Hotel is a marvelously serious winter worthy tent that we have used for years on various and sundry trips to the Middle of Nowhere hunting the elusive __________ (fill in the blank). It’s original light green canvas is overlaid with the brown from woodsmoke. It has provision for the use of a wood stove, it has a porch and a fly for insulation in the really cold. Yea, all the comforts.

Well, it is New Years Eve. Another chunk of the future coming up for us to be challenged with and to romp around in. Well, let’s see what happens, elky loves, Don Felipe.

4 thoughts on “Would it be OK?”

  1. I think it would be perfect for the elk hunter to go to heaven in his elk jammies. I think it’s a plan.

    And bless you for the previous blog about your late night meditations. It sounds like you are diving deep into the great sea of equanimity and peace, then resurfacing to share with us.

    Big love,

    1. Dana ~ awesome fishing interlude today. No fish but the rest made up for it. Sunny and warm New Year’s wishes to you. Love, Felipe.

  2. I also agree about the jammies:). Though the blue plaid shirt IS you.

    And we all want to jump the shark, to change things up, but it is quieter action, prayer, that also changes things, and keeps us connected to the one who loves us.

    Can the big elk tent be set up? A lot of good feeling must be in that canvas. love to you and your Rebecca, Michelle

    1. Michelle ~ OK right, the blue plaid shirt has to be a part of it. Elks and plaid, that’s good, it’s not like stripes and plaid. Anyway, we got a little silly with all that but I guess I needed some relief with the tension of the whole situation. But you are totally right that we must start way before the jump the shark stage and do the necessary work that really counts. Warm and sunny New Year’s wishes to you and your family. Love, Felipe.

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