With The Knights And Dames


Casual Felipe.

First full day of activities here at Lourdes.  Raining outside but nice and warm in here in the bar.  Just having a cafe con leche with the Padre.  We are back from foot washing and confession in the Cathedral.   Next is lunch then back to get dunked in the healing waters.  All very moving.

There are numerous knights, dames,  priests and nuns that I am traveling with.  They are all very competent and accomplished.  It all makes me feel like a artist.  Yes Father I have a trail where I paint with mud.  Catalina is right, I am a land artist.

Having fun with the Padre.  He seems an artist too.  He paints with rough and tumble fellows like myself.  Padre a man of the soldiers and sailors.  He knows about mud.

Learning from the Padre too.  Sometimes he is too rough and tumble for me.  He gets me outside my comfort zone.  He is a reminder that things are way bigger than I am, all in a good way, an exciting way.

I am going to put a wrap on it for now.  Time to socialize as we wait on lunch.  Be back later, clean feet loves, Felipe.


8 thoughts on “With The Knights And Dames”

  1. Wow… so moving… we can feel it!
    Keep diving into the experience, even if you need to breathe a bit underwater!!!

    Happy bath!

    1. Cris ~ that bath was pretty darn cold today on top of the rain and cold out. I’m not whining, am I? Later, Felipe.x

      1. No, don’t worry! No whining, just honesty!
        Sleep warm!

        Summer style South American hugs,

        1. Cris ~ yes, onward with minimal whining. The weather is supposed to be a little drier today. Felipe.x

    1. Something like that Diego! Knee deep in the pilgrimage here. Will try and get it down on the blog. The best to you, Felipe.

  2. “Yes Father I have a trail where I paint with mud.”

    Maybe I have an epigraph for the book now, or at least the chapter on the Backyard Camino! Excited to be in Lourdes with you. Every time my name comes up I feel like Sebastian in the Neverending Story.

    1. Catalina ~ yes, the Knights and the Dames. You are uncovering a lot of random stuff. One thing I have always felt was that I am not responsible for figuring out what is important, just keep reporting. Maybe that’s your job. Felipé.x

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