On The Big Bird

The lobby of the Eliseo Hotel, Lourdes.


This is an Airbus A 340.  We are learning how to put on our life vests in French.  Hope I really don’t have to do it for real.  This is Air TahitiNui airline and we are going up over Greenland on our way to France.  It feels like we are all off to camp, that’s a good thing.  Synchronistic events are happening that are very interesting.  Yes, I am on a pilgrimage.  Yes, something important is occurring.  Pay attention and let it happen Felipe.

They are serving food here momentarily.  I trust the French to come up with something yummy.  I smell something wafting through the air.  This is an eleven hour flight and we have to come up with ways to entertain ourselves.  Eating will keep us busy for a while.  

I can feel it that old pilgrim thing of living close with others that you barely have just met.  Sort of letting your space be infringed on continually.  Just relax and keep smiling.  They are all good people and they will be your companions for an extended period so get into it.  We are all in the same litter of puppies and we are all in a pile.

Padre has been fabulous.  He is my caregiver, handler and shepard for the trip.  So glad that he wanted to go and take on this challenge.  And it’s all so far so good. 

Oh, what a fabulous airline dinner.  Had chicken with mixed veggies and rice.  There was a hard roll and butter.  Cheese from Tillamook, all the cheese in France and we got cheese from Oregon, yea I like it.  There was a corn salad with shrimp on top.  There was cheesecake.  And best of all free wine.  

Well, our team leader was suggesting that we get some sleep but I’m just getting wound up.  Half the people in the plane are up in the aisles talking to the other half so I don’t see hardly anyone following that advice.  

Well, eight hours to go loves, Felipe.

PS ~ We’re here!  Safe flight and bus ride completed.  

8 thoughts on “On The Big Bird”

  1. Bon Jour, Felipe!

    So happy and excited for you! I love the line about “all puppies from the same litter”! Made my day, Ami!
    We’re into the heat of the race for getting seeds in the ground here. Corn is all nestled into this verdant Iowa soil, and about a third of the soybeans are also. We’re into the “praying for rain” mode here again. In fact, going to take a break from the field work and head off to weekday Mass to add a little “oomph” to those prayers. We’ll add a passel for you as well.

    I have mentioned lately how proud I am of you? Well, I am.


    1. PFJ! ~ it has been sooo long since we have heard from you! I was thinking of ringing up the Mounties. But you have been planting. I will be after I get back to the Island. The soil looks good but is still too cold. And since when are you planting soybeans? Knee deep in another pilgrimage, stay tuned. Hello to the fam, PFF.

  2. So glad you made it. Thinking of you with love and prayers. God’s grace be upon you.

    1. Catherine ~ we ‘re here. Had a big day today. Soaking it in. Felipe.x

  3. This post made my day Felipe!
    Could feel your excitement in the space between the words…!
    We are there with you!
    Love and prayers for you, Padre Tomas, and all the pilgrims.

    Communion Love,

    1. Cris ~ had a full day today and it is rainy and cold. Feels good to have the evening off. Tomorrow at 1530 we have Mass in the Eglisé Ste Bernadette (Grotto Chapel). At 2000 is the beginning of the Candlelight Procession. Felipe.x

  4. Oh, you’re on the adventure now! So good to hear news. And NOW you have arrived. Sending so much love, and awaiting new missives. Blessings abound.

    1. Dana ~ pretty big show here. Right now one of the malades, a blind girl, is playing the piano in the hotel bar. We are finally warming up after the rain and cold out today. Later, Felipe.x

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