Three Items

Just having tapas.
Just having tapas.


Good morning.  I’m running a little late here on this but here I am.  Just wanted to dilly dally with you for a few moments.

One thing that is on my mind is my hunt this year.  I’m allowed one deer this year and we have plenty here on our island.  It is great habitat for them and they thrive.  But I have this rule with myself that if I shoot one and can’t recover it then my hunt is over.  Technically I could still hunt since my tag is still valid.  But with myself I don’t get another chance.  It is supposed to make me more serious about the process.  So this is what happened two evenings ago.  I hit a nice buck and after much looking couldn’t locate him.  This happens once in a while to everyone but it doesn’t help the disappointment.  And then the next day a bunch of my neighbors were out looking and still nothing.  Well, ultimately in nature nothing is wasted as this will provide coyote and raven food.  But still.  I just wanted to tell you about my world.

So, also, I am communicating via messaging with a lovely person that is doing the Camino right now.  I am so jealous.  She is at the albergue that Paulo Coelho is associated with now.  Does anyone know where that is?  She has suffered a great lose recently and has physical issues that are challenging.  I admire her courage and am sort of holding her hand electronically as she goes.  Please pray for us.

Also, Matthew from the Netherlands has checked via email with Kelly and myself.  So that is tres cool.  If anyone needs his email I could get that to you.

That was three items but I’m still going.  A wonderful man came and walked with me and my son Wiley on Monday.  He happens to be blind so it was interesting working with that.  I learned so much.  I think that he will come back on a regular basis.  Tres cool again.

Let’s see, maybe I can squeak out one more thing.  Sherif has provided some material for the TGIF so we are covered for this week.   Thank you buddy.  I know that I have asked some people specifically for help on this but that doesn’t mean that anyone can’t contribute.  Just pretend that we are having our afternoon tapas and a glass of wine or a brewski after a long walk and we are passing my iPad around and you are writing about your day.  Maybe you have a rememberance, suprise or epiphany to report for all our benefit.

Have to go.  It is sunny out and I need to take advantage of that.  Adios, Felipe.