Flies, Why Not?

I think this may have something to do with flies, perhaps.
I think this may have something to do with flies, perhaps.


So, my Camino partner Kelly ( aka Kel, Padre, the Walking Supermarket) came to dinner last evening.  And as usual, things got up there on the sillymeter.  Before I go into that we had a great meal with tapas at one end and flan at the other.  You know, I went all out for the guy.  Vacuumed the new carpet and everything.  And it was game seven of the World Series and we checked that out.  I held it to one glass of wine, just in case my doc is reading this.  Kelly went a little over that.

Anyway, the whole meal was as Spanish as I could get to from here.  And at some point the conversation got around to memorable meals on the Camino.  Well, don’t all conversations wind up going there given enough time. ( I think that I am on to something there.)  Anyway, it got down to flies.

There is this great old joke where the perturbed customer asks the waiter, “What is this fly doing in my soup?”  And the waiter peering down to get a closer look very politely says, “I think he is doing the backstroke sir!”    hahaha.  That’s the kind of stuff we were up too.   And really how are you going to have an authentic August style Camino meal without a few jokes and a few flies. So then the idea came up of canned flies, right?  Why not, indeed.  For the really authentic presentation this would be a nobrainer.  Well, and we had kind of a no brainer thing going by that time, as you can see, so it was an all good situation.

So yea, we got the film crew and Annie coming next month.  They told me that they are coming about eight times now so we are throughly warned.  So, I just want to let them know that we here are still in great Camino party shape and will match anything that they can bring!  Yea, we can’t wait to see you guys!!   Love, Phil.

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