The Western Association

Beautiful welcoming fresco of Mary in the church yesterday afternoon.


There is a website for the “Order of Malta Western Association” describing this pilgrimage.  Maybe check that out in your spare time.  There are three main groups of the Order in the US and the Western Association is this one that I am with.  The other two are here at Lourdes also and we were all together for that big Mass yesterday afternoon.

We are off later to do another Mass and then this evening is the famous candlelight procession.  We have only 30% chance of rain for that.  There is also somewhere a Lourdes live link to everyone going through the grotto.  I don’t know what it is at the moment but maybe I can ask around.

Last night in an hour of sleeplessness I had a meeting with my tumors.  I did the night before but forgot to report on it.  It seems like an odd thing to bring up now but we have talked of it before.  And now here in Lourdes I am striving to connect my inner with the inner of Mary.  Well, last night I did invite Mary to go with me to to this meeting.  These meetings always have essentially a nonverbal quality.  More later.

Padre looked up the links for the live cam and found three:

OK, have to run we are off to do the stations of the cross.  Love, Felipe.

6 thoughts on “The Western Association”

  1. I don’t know what to say, but I just wanted you to know I am so happy for you. You and the Padre are filling my prayers!

    1. Annie ~ all good here. We are trying to soak it all in. Finally over my jet lag and am trying to concentrate on the important things. Felipe.x

  2. Thank you today!
    So much going on… I am SO happy for all this that is happening to you, Phil! Thank you for allowing me to part of your story!

    Pilgrims love,

    1. Cris ~ am trying to let you in on everything going on, which is sort of impossible. I am finally over my jet lag and am trying to concentrate on the important things. Thanks, Felipe.x

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