Got A Medal

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“do whatever He tells you”  from the miracle at Cana

Doesn’t happen too often that one gets a medal but today was our day.  They handed out out medals to all the malades and caregivers.  So I am wearing mine now, proudly.

I am way behind on describing all the goings on.  The Order is putting us through a lot of experiences, as much as they can providing the time and the weather.  Last night’s Candlelight Procession was exceptional.  There were malades and caregivers and Knights and Dames from all over.  Every country in Europe and many others were represented.  There is even the country of Malta which I am trying to connect with.

Anyway, I feel like I am finally over my jet lag which is helpful.  And despite all the hoopla and goings on I am trying to figure out what is really important here and what is the take away.  What is the basic idea that is being presented to me.  I am slowly realizing that it is roughly the words that Mary said at Cana, “do whatever He tells you.”  Mary always points to Jesus.

I was out by the river in one of the more secluded areas of the Domain (the acreage that is offically the grounds) and was very happy to watch the water go by.  Right now I crave some communing with nature and some quiet.

Also some of the hotshot young knights have been doing drone shots of the place, daytime and nighttime.  I am going to get the links to those for you.  And the Padre has been taking short videos of us and surroundings at eye level so I will get some of them to you.

Have to tell you that last night I had dinner with the Bishop (of Sacramento) and the head Medical Officer for this trip.  More doctors, lawyers and Indian chiefs.  And we spent most of that time taking about what?  Why the Camino of course!  Who are you talking to but Felipe.

Today I had a great time talking with a Marine Corps vet who was in at the same time as I was.  We had lunch and gabbed for another hour in the bar.  He has a sailboat and I may had a trip in my future.

OK, have to wake Padre up from his nap.  He is sawing logs here and we need to be assembling for the next activity.

Thanks for checking in, love, Felipe.

12 thoughts on “Got A Medal”

    1. Karin ~ Pretty amazing scene here. I’ll try and get more pix up. Felipe.x

  1. Phil, You had me at “Knights with Drones”!

    I keep thinking Star Wars..
    I am enjoying reading your blogs from across the pond.

    1. Ryck ~ so happy to here about your graduation. Now you can come over and organize me. Hehe! That’s Knights and Dames. The drone was a separate story. I do need organizing. When are you coming back over? Felipe.

    1. Jessika ~ It is an amazing place for sure. It is an amazing place too. I can’t wait to talk to you guys around the tapas table. Putting a prayer in for your foot. Felipe.x

  2. So great to hear about your incounters and adventures. Keep them coming, they do feed us Caminoheads. I had to laugh a litttle when you said “time to wake the Padre” at first I thought but wait isn’t he supposed to be YOUR Handler? But then I remembered that on the Camino we all take care of each other. It’s just so natural and loving! Hope you are getting this!

    The Professor and your “other” Handler who requires much handling,


    1. Carol ~ somehow the Padre requires more sleep than I do. So, it seems I am always waking him up. We took a paseo down along the river to the Grotto tonight after dark. There were still hundreds of pilgrims filing through with their candles. I am doing a half baked job of keeping up with everything on the blog. There is so much going on everyday. Miss you, Felipe,x

  3. Felipe, I am praying for you! Lourdes is a special place. May you feel the presence of our Lady as you walk through holy Lourdes.

    1. Norma ~ Thank you for your prayers. It is so well worn here with so many coming to touch the wet walls of the Grotto. Great that you are here reading. Felipe.x

  4. I am loving every minute of your trip! I have the added benefit of getting some of those videos direct from the Padre. It looks so beautiful there! I had an idea in my head and the videos are not at all what I thought it would be. Really beautiful. Take good care, my friend. Lots of love and prayers surround your every step.

    1. Annie ~ we are doing great, a little worn out but good. Yes,the area is beautiful. Some of the hotshots did a video from a drone that I would love to get the link to. Will try. Have two more days to go. Felipe.x

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