Seeing Is Believing

Roni at the labyrinth in Atlanta. Hi Roni, are you coming or going?


Father David even had pink socks on today or is that rose.  That was the color for today’s Mass.  I found a tie that had some pink, rose actually, so I was in the zone.

The reading today was John 9 1-41 and father David read this story of Jesus bringing sight to a poor beggar.  And of course there is a twist, there is always a twist with this Jesus guy.  He not only brings the man physical sight but also spiritual sight while he is at it.

Father David went on in his homily talking about a video he saw on FaceBook.  It was of a young man’s first seeing of color using a new type of eyeglass that brings color to the color blind.  The video of him is his first encounter with color, sounds amazing.   I suppose if we were tricky enough we could look that up.

How often do we take seeing for granted or the seeing of color.  What a gift really.  And we can see how many different nuances of color?  A hundred thousand or what?  Everytime I hear something about that the number grows.  Is that all possible?  What a gift.  And we have that massive capability so we can tell the red Tupperware container from the blue Tupperware in the frig?    Let’s see which one has the leftover spaghetti?

Our new long awaited full color church directory just came out.  We all went in at one point or another to get photographed for it by the team of professionals that came out to the Island.  And there were pictures of various church groups and of the facility and our new icon.  It all looks very spiffy or even zappy maybe.   I brought it home and My Rebecca took one look at it and declared it psychedelic.  Wow, OK, who would want their  church directory any less than that, tell me?

Lately I am big on thinking about the pathway of getting closer to God through the contemplation and appreciation of beauty.  Beside goodness and truthfulness there is beauty, right?  Just a review.  Think of this massive capability that we have and why is it there?

Ah, OK.  Time for lunch and the rest of the day.  My thoughts are with the pilgrims at the  APOC  gathering in Atlanta.  And my prayers, our prayers, are with Sister Joyce as she recovers from hip surgery here in Seattle.  Thanks so much for being here today, colorful loves, Felipe.



7 thoughts on “Seeing Is Believing”

  1. Our thoughts were with you too, at the APOC gathering! Love the picture of the labyrinth. That perfect moment, right on the cusp. Warm enough there to actually get to walk the labyrinth bare foot! Glad I did too, cause it’s way to chilly here in the Northeast today to even think about bare feet. Buen Camino!

    1. Hello Karin ~ welcome to Caminoheads. Was the pic of the labyrinth that I put up yesterday on the blog post the one you are referring to? Was that Roni or maybe you on there? It was dark and I took a guess that it was Roni. Anyway, it sounds like the Gathering was a success. Maybe I can make it next year. Thanks, Felipe.x

      1. The picture is one and the same! Soft sandy soil, warm to the feet, and only a few sweet gum balls from the neighboring tree to watch out for. Next year it would be amazing to have you with us. Or perhaps I’ll see about walking with you on Vashon Island when I come up to visit my Dad in Olympia….again!

        1. Hi Karin ~ That labyrinth looked interesting. Yes, I think I got that right that that particular pic was of Roni from Oklahoma. So tell me have you been here with us before on Vashon Island? I am easily confused. Maybe I have forgotten your name. But either way come and walk and visit. Once a week I post our schedule, usually on Sunday. And if you can’t make one of those regular scheduled walks maybe we can set up a special time. I will send you an email. Thanks, Felipe.x

  2. Haven’t been on Vashon Island in years and years. I live in jersey, but am out that way two or three times a year visiting my dad. Next trip is late April.

    1. Karin ~ OK, we will try and make it happen. Olympia is 45 minutes up I-5 to the ferry dock in Tacoma. Then a ten minute ride then a ten minute drive. Easy peasy. I am going to try and go to Oregon on the 17th and be back the 21st. But after that we can figure out a day. Thanks for your interest, Felipe.x

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