52 Degrees Out Here

Working on the firewood for next winter.


I decided it was warm enough out to sit and do the blog out here on the deck.  Is 52 warm?  Years ago I observed that I don’t start thinking till it’s above 50, so I’m sitting here being marginal.

I see the big APOC pow wow is happening in Atlanta.  Pictures are showing up.  I’m seeing Annie and Roni from OK and Nancy from KS.  Please forgive me if I missed you.  Oh, that reminds me, I have get my dues in, always something.

Well, tomorrow is the sunday half way through Lent, Latare Sunday.  Thank you Catherine for that.  We are supposed to wear something pink to celebrate.   I’ll have to dig around.

I think I am going to bail on this outdoor thing, hadn’t really added in the wind chill factor.    OK, that’s better.  Oh, look there have to put those records away.  We had the dinner party last night and I broke out the old vinyl.  It started with Chuck Berry and went on to Janis Joplin and Joanie Mitchell.

OK, have to go.  Walk tomorrow afternoon at 1600.  Lovin this Spring stuff, love, Felipe.


4 thoughts on “52 Degrees Out Here”

  1. Hey Buddy-
    Mom is turning 88 on April 8, so I’ll be up for the party. Coming up the 31st maybe– to see you, Greg M., both boys, grandkids, Nixie ( I’m trying to get her sold for Tom who moved to Florida) and send time with Mom. She’s always got a List of things for me, too. Jo comes up on the 7th and we head back on the morning of the 9th. She has rehearsals through April, 6 days a week until 10pm, but juggled the schedule to be able to rent a car and drive up for the party.
    Turkey– yes. I will scout after returning. Trying to get in touch with a guy who owns about 100 acres of scrub oak and pine where a very large flock roams. We didn’t know about Jo’s directing gig when we started making Turkey/visit plans. Nor her elder care responsibilities right now– pretty much tending to them most days. maybe not the time for Big Fun for Rebecca down here. Plus, the landlord seems to have started using the extra bedroom downstairs as a remote guest room for their friends….
    But– we’ll talk. Give me your schedule for March 31 onward to the 7th!

    1. Steve-O ~ Great great, looks like we have visiting opportunities in our future. I have treatment the 29 and 31st and then not until the 12 and 14th. Sounds like we can do something with that. Felipe.

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