News From The Ranch!!!!! ~~~DILLY DALLY, ALIVE AND WELL!

Dilly Dally type of flower (pic by Felipe)


“We have to have a pace to keep everyone happy. People coming and going all the time wanting this or that. I regard it all as part of my job to be with them.” (Text and picture by Felipe) -I believe people go because of the Corn… 🙂

Early on on the Caminoheads blog talked about Felipé waylaying folks and capturing them in conversation and the haze of wine.  This was him and him was this.  Time seemed irrelevant there and then.  We termed this Dilly Dally.

OK, so the other day we had a four and a half hour tapas party.  OK, and right after that we had a dinner out and achieved “Louder Than The Italians” and closed the place down.  Then yesterday My Rebecca and I went to make funeral arrangements with Padre David at my local parish church.   We spent almost three hours on that.  Not that we were being picky on details but we spent a long time on stories which is basically what?  Dilly Dally, yes!

Steve-O got here yesterday afternoon and we spent time telling stories of time past. But those are hunting stories I don’t count those, do I?

Yea, as hard as we try, “we can’t help ourselves”.   And this all has a sort of crazy Camino logic that I think can’t be calculated in normality and can’t be counted in numbers and time.  So, we walk and talk on as we do.

And here am I today, maybe the catalyst  for all this.  Am I unhappy about this?  Not in any way!

2021 Felipé.



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  1. It’s so good to hear your voice…

    You are making the most of every day ❤️

    All our love,.
    N & T

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