And today, it is Rebecca’s birthday!!!

The most beautiful picture of the Oasis (taken without permission from Rebecca’s facebook… hope it is ok!!)
Love in an image (by Jim M)
Raven Ranch residents celebrating!
(photo J Hyde)
My Rebecca, one day at tapas.
(photo unknown)


And this blog wouldn’t be this blog if “our” Rebecca, (Phil’s Rebecca), isn’t celebrated here today!!!


I wondered and continue to wonder how it has been for Rebecca to share Phil with all of us… ? And not only Phil, her house, her table, her picnic table, her garden, her land, her ranch, her privacy, her life… Certainly, I cannot speak for the past because I have only known them for the life span of less than 5 years, but if there is something that my heart feels when I think of her, is generosity… a witty cheeky mind creating all these amazing stories that we now can read in her books, and the same witty mind that creates those colorful pieces she knits… … and… a wild free love that her heart hosts for Phil, as otherwise, none of these would be possible…


Well, yes, these are only my thoughts, as I must admit, I am not the Caminoheads who knows Phil’s Rebecca the most, but the pictures say a lot…


Happy Birthday, Rebecca!!!

We love you!



12 thoughts on “And today, it is Rebecca’s birthday!!!”

  1. Happy Birthday , Happy Birthday , We Love You.

    Happy Birthday , and may all your dreams come true.

    When You blow out the candles one Light stays aglow.

    That’s the Love light in your Heart where ere You go.

    1. William… I have so lovely memories of you talking to Rebecca about her garden in the VEranda 2019… all to treasure!

      Love and hugs!

  2. Happy birthday!When I first looked at the cinema sign I thought it said Vostock and thought it must be in Russia!it actually said Vashon,mind if it had been in Russia thinking about it would have been in Cyrillic script and I wouldn’t have been able to read it anyhow!

    1. You made me laugh!!! Because I did not realize it said Happy Birthday Phil until you mentioned having read Vostock!!!

      When the mind is distracted, attention indeed is not possible…

      Hugs across the pond!

  3. Well said Cris and it’s all true!

    She is a gem and a woman of great hospitality!

    Happy birthday Rebecca 😘

  4. Cris, I think you nailed Rebecca well. Hers has been a generosity of great spirit and all things tangible that you mentioned. If ever anyone extended true hospitality it’s her. Anyone who has shared all she loves and values – it’s her. Truth is, those of us who have come to know Phil, have been blessed to know his Rebecca as well. Kind a two for one deal. Great post! Happy Birthday Rebecca – you are a true gift in all our lives. Thank you Cris for honoring her here today.

    1. I guess I will reply to you using the same line from David Whyte I used to reply to Rebecca… “The ultimate touchstone is witness, the privilege of having been seen by someone and the equal privilege of being granted the sight of the essence of another…” There is a lot of room to practice this here…

      Love you!

  5. Cris–this touches me so! Thank you for seeing me! These are issues that I have struggled with along this path, and I think I process them by writing. So right now my literary endeavor is a memoir called “On Being Phil’s Wife”, which I think would make a great pairing with his book, “Walking in the Mud” And thank you Catherine for your lovely comment above. I could not exist without you.

    1. I have felt very grateful to you from the moment you welcomed me at your home… (and made efforts to explain baseball rules to me! LOL!)
      And actually, I feel incredibly grateful for being a witness of these amazing lives of yours… like David Whyte writes: “the ultimate touchstone is witness, the privilege of having been seen by someone and the equal privilege of being granted the sight of the essence of another…”

      I love you!

  6. You have been a gift since I have met you Rebecca!
    You are the cat’s meow, the bee’s knees.
    I wear the sweater you made like an Olympic Gold Medal.

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