I Hear

Crossing bridges.


Just saw an email from Annie saying that she had a talk called “Pilgrimage in Place” at the gathering in Altanta.  I think that was the title.  Yes, this is something that we both have been working on for years now.  We are making progress.  It is tricky.

There was a National Geographic that I blogged about not to long ago about the part faith plays in healing.  They went from religious pilgrimage to the placebo effect.  So, much of who we are and how we do things is invisible and not able to be quantified.  How much of a pilgrimage (the effect) is a result of place and how much is a result of spiritual homework?  And how much is from rubbing up against pilgrims from other cultures, places and climes?   And what else?

Anyway I have to walk here this morning in 17 minutes.  Never know who is going to show up.  There is a break in the weather right now, how nice.  Please come and join me if you get to the neighborhood.

We are in this together, that I know for sure.  Muddy boot loves, Felipe.