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Animating each other!


Adding new is what I click on to get to this place on WordPress where I write this blog.  So I just clicked on that and here I am.  I’m off today to gather firewood for next winter but first must check in with you.  What would my day be without touching  base with you.

So, you know I try not to not have things interfere with my quiet little morning so I can come up with something interesting and thought provoking for you, for me.  But right smack dab in the middle of my quiet time who should call but my oldest friend from Buffalo, NY where we both grew up.  It was way back when in another era.  There was a whole different set of concerns and dreams and nightmares then.

So, I just said to My Rebecca, “what am I going to write about now since Jim called and captured my thoughts?”.   So Rebecca comes up with the easy peasy answer of, “Well, write about Jim.”   Well OK.

Jim’s Mom was my Mother’s hairdresser.  She was my Aunt Marion even though we weren’t related.  Jim’s Dad was a physician who was semiretired when we were young.  Some of my favorite times were of the three of us traveling together.  Jim’s Dad had a office in downtown in a beautiful old building left over from Buffalo’s hayday years before.  He worked until noon and then drove out to his farm on the outskirts to work the afternoon.  Jim and I would get to his office and go with him to the country.  It was a drive in a big old green Hudson Hornet which is for sure from a different era.

We had three work horses down there with all the tack and gear and we would help out with chores.  There were chickens and wildlife around.  We had a great time.  Later Jim found his way into the Army and became a medic in Vietnam like my Dad in WWII.  Jim really looked up to my Dad as I did to his.   Then Jim was off to medical school after the service to follow in his father’s foot steps.

So, since then Jim has retired from his life’s work and has a full schedule of all sorts of people related activities from teaching English and chess to taking a music class.   And now actually we have plenty to talk about with my cancer related activities of late.  We sort of reconnect way a different set of topics.

Anyway, old friends are a joy, giving one a certain grounding in this turbulent world.  Hang on to yours.  Thanks for going on this little “Jim” adventure this morning.

OK, off to the firewood project.  Alperfect really, love, Felipe.