Have A Great Day, Whatever This Day Is?

Just because… (photo by Phil Volker)

Aho’i there, lost in a sea of bowl games. Peach Bowl on right now. Cris from Buenos Aires has no idea what I am talking about. Just a sea of late season football games going on Cris. Amazing how much American energy goes into football.

But trying to navigate through the holiday season is our top priority right now. Pace is important, right? Keep it steady, move along in a relaxed manner. Get it done, no fancy multitasking, just one thing at a time. Well, that’s my plan.

But that is only part of it. Walks on Phil’s Camino are happening. Next one tomorrow at 3:30. And there are projects around the ranch that still need to keep moving along. Right now it is oil changes on the fleet.

And heck there is still time to maybe catch the occasional sunrise or sunset. Beauty happens randomly, right? Poetry even happens sometimes. And pretty soon I am going to be taken with looking for signs of spring. That is special and encouraging. Nothing like spring and it IS on the horizon for us.

OK, time to make stuff happen.

best in between times loves, Felipé.

2 thoughts on “Have A Great Day, Whatever This Day Is?”

  1. Hahaha! Indeed I have no clue what Peach Bowl is… I would have thought it was a dessert!!!

    Funny, isn’t it? From all the big TV sports played in the USA, the only one that is also common and somehow “big” at home is basketball, and a few of our figures are in the NBA like Manu Ginobilli, in the San Antonio Spurs… We are big in football (soccer for you), basketball, rugby, volleyball, and hockey on grass is very common for girls.

    Definitely, our European roots were also translated into the sports and have remained!

    Learning about our countries Love,

    1. Hi Cris ~ I remember trying to explain the game of baseball to you one time. We could try and do football sometime, that would be fun. Someone has to explain soccer to me. Well, it’s all fun. Happy Almost New Year! Felipé.x

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