Back From Mass

Blue sky today! (photo by Phil Volker)

Catherine and I did something radical this morning. We changed our seats, which doesn’t sound like too big a deal but it is. We have been pretty much in our old position for years. We needed a change to hear better mostly so we got right in front of Father and the lectern where he gives the homily. It is close up seats on the fifty yard line. Why didn’t we do this a long time ago?

It is the new year’s inspiration to try something new, I can feel it. At the same time that we moved to a new place this morning we noticed that our good friends Bruce and Gina moved all the way across to our old section, in an opposite move. Hehe.

Anyway what is important is the uncovering of this energy to try something new. I’m feeling it and this has me working on some other new things in my life. Cris put an idea in my head that I am working on but I don’t want to spill the beans yet. It is too new and unformed. I ran it by My Rebecca and Catherine and they liked it. So…

It’s pretty nice outside and I want to get out there. Make some moves on the