Breaking News: Wine Still A Vegetable!

Walking our way to Muxia. ( photo Henriette Klauser)

Here we are at Christmas Eve. Wasn’t it just the Fourth and the Veranda. Yea and now to but a few last minute items in order. Everything is looking pretty organized for the holiday tomorrow. We are off to Henna’s parents place here on the Island, just a sleigh ride down the hill.

I signed up to usher this evening at the Christmas Vigil at 5pm. That is more fun than work but somebody has to do it. But by going tonight I can be free in the morning to be with the fam.

Oh and there is a walk this afternoon because it is Tuesday. No holidays at Phil’s Camino apparently, everyone keep marching. It is a little wet out there with a little standing water in places and the intermittent creek is running. It looks like winter but we are still walking.

There was just a story on the news about a little Christian town in Syria that now is in a peaceful zone and able to celebrate Christmas after many years of conflict. Just a little feel good story that they like to throw in at times like this but still we need to be thankful. Thankful for that instance in particular and thankful for our own wide spread peace and religious freedom.

Time to get to my last minute preparations so I will leave you with a hug and a warm place in my heart for you there at your place wherever near or far. Thanks for stopping by.

vigil loves, Felipé.

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