A Lot Of Movement

Chickadee on Wiliam’s boot. Cool “little” things in life. (William Hayes)

Yesterday afternoon no one came to walk with me so I did one lap and then we raced for the ferry. And then on up I-5 to Edmonds, WA. Henriette brought a friend with her several weeks ago to walk here and Donna has a labyrinth set up in her backyard so we went to walk it. It was a party in the semi dark with candles and torches and music. Sort of very medieval there.

Then Henriette and her daughter Emily and us found a place to have dinner and talk it over. Emily is a US Naval Officer and serves aboard the aircraft carrier Gerald R Ford. In the process of dinner she is telling me that she participated in a 5k run that consisted of laps around the flight deck of the carrier deck. And not that many laps either. It was so Phil’s Camino, so labyrinthine.

Just all kinds of movement was going on during our seven hour trip. I am so glad that we went as we were needing to get away from the ranch for a while.

To change the subject completely it is Cris’s birthday today. Please send her your love in one form or another. Happy Birthday Cris!!!

labyrinthine loves, Felipé.