Ah, The Old Three Legged Dog

Frost on the Heart Rocks.
Frost on the Heart Rocks.

I was in town this morning after my bible class and what did I see but a beautiful black and white three legged dog. It was doing great motivating down the sidewalk with it’s human. The scene brought back all sorts of memories of three legged dog musings that I had during a period of my life after getting cancer diagnosis.

I’m so happy to have run across this class of critter. They are totally inspiring really. They don’t seem to spend too much time lamenting and seem to be perfectly happy. Can we be so lucky? Can we get over all the “used to be” thoughts and get on with it as it exists today, this happy day? Can we today be the best three legged dog ever?

Patches of blue sky out there, a nice day developing after serious morning fog. Best to you all, love, Felipe.

2 thoughts on “Ah, The Old Three Legged Dog”

  1. Hola Amigo Felipe Peregrino!

    Thanksgiving doings all complete here. A break from the past with the whole family convoying over to the hills beyond the Mississippi at the gorgeous little burg of Galena, Il. Had a “three day two night special” at the so-delightful Irish Cottage. Included Thanksgiving Day dinner so Farmer Cathy was totally free of preparing and serving and cleaning up. Grand kiddies were extra good and even tho we took up a good share of the dining room, we didn’t wreak havoc among the other patrons. All the staff seemed to be impressed by and enjoy such a large family group enjoying each other’s company and obviously having a splendid time.

    Just as a side note, in the two and a half hour drive we observed more than a few fields where the farmers had not been able to get the corn harvested. It was literally painful for me to see, as by now, the crop is basically unharvestable. There were 95 stalks broken over and on the ground for every 5 standing upright. A disaster for this year and next as well since the ears will still be capable of sprouting next spring. “Count your blessings” says may Cathy. Oh Yes!!

    Just had to comment on today’s post tho. No three legged dogs here, tho there have been in the past. We do have a three legged cat and, here’s the tale-topper, a three legged Holstein steer. It will be a long story to tell, but if you remind me when we get together, I”ll tell it in detail. The only similarity between the two critters is that I had to perform the amputation surgery for both. Yeah, story time for sure.

    Still sending up prayers on the St Joseph’s skyway route for all the Lord has planned for you.


    1. PFJ ~ if I ever need any amputations done on me I’ll call you for a bid, how’s that? Man, you are multi talented Juan. Just relaxing here after a full day here. Watching Sunday Night Football, Looks like old style football with the snow coming down. None of that sissy dome stuff.

      I like the description of your Thanksgiving. May you have many more, Felipe.

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