Wrapping Up

Over the river to something new.
(photo K Burke)

I just got off the Zoom with my Bible Guys. We are still going strong during the pandemic via technology. We have one more session on our study of the last book of the Bible, Revelation. There are 22 chapters there so we have been at it almost half a year now. I am proud of us.
I don’t know what we are going to decide to do next but I hope it is something relatively easy.

So that is one wrap up and then there is Ryck with his news of moving to Washington DC to do this new job. He will have to wrap up his life here in the Pacific Northwest. I have yet to talk to him about the details of his plan. Hopefully we can get him to report from there for our blog.

Things are always beginning and ending, that is the nature of things. This too shall pass is another way to express this. The pandemic will eventually pass too although not overnight obviously. It is the time to be patient and observant.

Off I go to Saturday loves, Felipé.

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