What A Movie Night!

Our Christmas tree from outside. (photo P. Volker)

We had a little going away party for Jessika last evening. We made mushroom barley soup and had some white wine. Then we watched Two Popes. That is a great movie and I want to watch it again soon.

Yea, check it out. It is the story of an important moment in history. That is the way to look at it I think. I’m following the thought of film reviewer Sister Rose Pacatte who just wrote about it on FB. If one knew a lot about the two one could possibly start poking holes in it. But it’s strong point is about the change that occurred and that is what we should concentrate on.

There is a wonderful biography about Pope Francis that I read a couple of years ago now. That is Pilgrimage by Mark K. Shriver. As I remember there were three parts to it. First was a rundown on the Jesuits. Second was a view of Buenos Aires and third finally the biography proper. That all worked well and I learned a lot.

But the film added beauty to the whole story for me. It was all well done visually. Part of the time they are just these two guys hanging out in the Sistine Chapel. How can that not be beautiful!

Let’s see what else is beautiful. Earlier two foam boxes filled with dry ice and barbecue came in from Corky’s in Memphis. That is compliments of Bill and Tracey, the in-laws. Beautiful! That’s what’s on the menu for New Year’s Day.

OK, the afternoon walk coming up here shortly.

time to go, Happy New Year loves, Felipé.

6 thoughts on “What A Movie Night!”

    1. Ryck ~ thanks buddy. Let’s get back to the garden in 2020! Happy New Year to you and the fam. Felipé.

  1. Thank you for the beautiful and wonderful send off—such a holy and special mirth. Y’all are boss.

    1. Jessika ~ It was all fun. Good luck on your new venture. See you in the spring. Oh, and a Happy New Year! Felipé.x

  2. Hi Phil,

    I am late to this party night, it was last year!, but I would add my TWO CENTS (and very personal ones). I watched “The Two Popes” on the 25th evening, before going to Christmas day mass. It made me go to mass with a different understanding of the Church (the one with capital C). A Church made of men, who are put in a position where they expect to be guided by the one they gave their lives for, but there are times it doesn’t happen and they really don’t know exactly what they are doing… Men who make mistakes and feel pain in their hearts… men who carry the weight of deep regret… Men who are tempted by power and succumb to it… … Men who like football and can laugh… … Men who can feel compassion… men who can forgive… … Men who trusted their call and abandon a life many years ago… and the same men, now old, who can come back to their first intention of being the ones breaking the Bread and blessing the Wine after trusting their wrongs and pain to a rival that became a friend when a hand (and the heart) were offered.

    I didn’t like Benedict XVI, and it is not that the film made me like him, but it made me reflect on his reasons and exercise compassion towards him. I do love Francis, and not because he is from my country, but because in my opinion, he is the first to admit he doesn’t have the answers, and for me to be humble is the best thing that anyone in a position of power can do, and actually the best that we all can do. Pope Francis makes me feel that I can make mistakes and still be lovable and a good human being.

    Humble and Humbling Love,

    1. Oh Cris, so nicely written. And that is how I felt about the film, that it was “nicely written”. I mean that it seemed real and authentic. There was the good, the bad and ugly there and we take it in and accept it. Thanks, Felipé.x

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