What A Delight!

So sorry, didn’t get a pic but was having too much fun to think of it. My Rebecca and I hosted tapas and dinner tonight for three great folks. And it was warm enough to be our first outside meal of the season. A memorable occasion.

Well, who was there Felipe? First, Dayna and Catherine (with a C) were here for one of their last meals before boarding the big silver bird to Spain and St John, the start of the Camino Frances! I am so jealous. And they have enough time and money to do the whole thing. Way cool. They are excited and we are excited for them, obviously. They will be sending emails which we will publish here. This is the Springtime Camino and you will be able to see/hear what that looks like. I am so jealous!

Then, then, Esther was here. We have been awaiting her arrival to kick off her three month stay here on Vashon. We will make sure to get you as much as possible from her as the season progresses. She is very knowledgeable about all things Camino. I am so excited!

I don’t have her facts and timeline complete but she has traveled the Way three times over the years. The first time in 08, the hard way, as in carrying all her gear and staying in the beloved albergues. After that she started to write a book for preteens and walked,bused and taxied through twice to get her facts straight for her writing.

My Rebecca, Kelly and I had the opportunity to read the manuscript of her book. Somewhere back there in my archives is a blog post about that I am sure. But anyway, we have known and loved her book for a while now. And that goes for her too.

Yea, so we were all together for two hours excitedly talking Camino from all angles. We talked about gear and traveling light which these gals have a handle on. I even advised them to take a couple dressy things, which threw them after all my advice about paring down. Their packs are so light that I think they can afford it and you never know when you have to meet with the Bishop. And we talked albergues and hotels. And we talked about surprises and miracles. I think they are ready.

Also they took my little light weight map of the trail that I carried. And my poles are going across with Art in May. All fun. I just know that we all enjoy reliving our Camino experiences one way or another. Relive on, love, Felipe.

2 thoughts on “What A Delight!”

  1. Most wonderous solstice evening ever! So grateful for “Phil’s Camino”. Y’all help keep my heart wide open! More pie!

  2. Dana ~ I am answering this a year later because I just saw it . “Keeping our hearts open”, yes. Love, Felipe.

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