Thursday Thursday

Last night’s moon set from Raven Ranch.


Gee, a really quiet morning here. Time to put a thought down while I can. The phone will ring any second, nature abhors a vacuum.

Had a fun time going to treatment yesterday in the big city. A friend from church gave me a ride to and fro so that was a pleasant relief. We had four hours to talk and laugh. Then my people at the hospital were there so we could all egg each other on. Lovin all those guys. Back there tomorrow.

And that reminds me Sister Joyce is there at Swedish Hospital. She is recovering from hip surgery but somehow had a complication and is in ICU. I will try and see her tomorrow PM if they let me after I get out of treatment. A prayer, a thought sent her way would be appreciated. She is such a vital part of this whole lash-up (cowboy slang for organization).

So big weekend in our State. Gonzaga, a Catholic college basketball powerhouse made it to the Final Four and they have a game tomorrow against…? I would look it up but our internet got some rain water in it or something, is kabluie. This is Kelly’s team. I called him last night to see how much he was charging to have people come over and watch with him.

Oh, man, got a woodpecker screwing around on the outside of the house. It’s the old Wild Kingdom and nature abhors a vacuum collision. Oh, he’s gone, must not have liked the flavor.

Also, Pilgrim Farmer John accompanied by Farmer Kathy have completed their cross country trip. John on his trusty bike and Kathy driving the RV chase vehicle. We are thankful that they were successful and are safe. They have to get back to Iowa for corn planting here shortly.

So lots of moving parts today: walk at 0900, archery at 1000, then lumberjacking till 1600. Have a FaceTime with Cris from Buenos Aires then.

Also scheduled next week to work with a friend and her friend to get in touch with my guardian angel. Apparently there is a way and I am going to try it as long as they are offering. I don’t know how much of that I need to hold private or how much I can share. But a new adventure.

Well, I will try and cut and paste this post onto the blog. Have to make things happen for my readers come rain or shine. So, let’s see what happens. Love again and again, Felipe.