Three Ways

Last evening, a little beauty to end the day.


Ah, another day for us.  I was up in the early early morn when some of the best things come to me, almost makes it worth it.  But what comes to me relates to something I ran into on Sunday at a talk.

I was expressing the idea that if God has three main qualities, truth , goodness and beauty and then engaging in those things should get us closer to Him.  We seem to over use the truth route in our world, a sort of an intellectual route.  I’m personally a little burned out on that one.  Goodness in my mind follows St Francis and his beliefs.  It always sounds good to me in theory but hard to pull off in the end.  Where beauty I find almost too easy like I’m cheating somehow.  Maybe it is just easier for my sensibilities.

We should probably work on all three of those, I guess.  Anyway back at the talk a man was asking about the beauty route and I think he said, “like the beauty of a flower?”  And I would say yes nature is full of beauty for sure but there is more.  Artists create beauty although not all art is beautiful.  But some art is inspired and is made to praise God or thank God.  Christian art is some of the best art ever created in my book.

But that is me saying that but just the same it is a route to God.  And in the early early morn it came to me that whatever it is that we are studying, following should have these attributes.  One, it needs to inspire us, to draw us forward, to make us grow.  Two, it should bring clarity, to make things easier or more understandable.  Three, there should be a sense of fulfillment to the following of the trail in each step.

This comes to me.  Have to jump up and walk.  Love you, miss you, Felipe.