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At the start to Phil’s Camino.

A friend, Joby, put up something interesting on FaceBook and I bit on it. It was something like International Book Week and you were supposed to grab the nearest book and go to page 52, the fifth sentence, and post that sentence with the instructions for the next person. Some interesting sentences came up amongst friends.

And you know how recently we have been kicking around ideas about expanding the definition of pilgrimage. We talked about including Phil’s Camino in the realm of pilgrimage even though it has no “real” destination. We had so stretched the definition of Camino to the point of being on the verge of it becoming a state of mind. That’s a good thing to me.

So, the no coincidences part is my quote:

“But along with the monastic peregrinatio ascetia, another form of peregrination, the peregrinatio ad loca sancta, developed starting in the 4th century under Constantine.”

So with my mighty Latin skills I am interpreting that to mean that the pilgrimage to holy places started in the fourth century and before that was something different. And that was the ascetic pilgrimage, whatever that was. That sounds challenging if not sorta grim. But the important thing is that there was something different and it looks like it was happening locally inside or around the monastery, sans destination.

So, that is what I ran into recently. Had to work around all the partying that has been going on. Oh, and my scan report came back “stable” meaning no growth of my tumors. That is good news. God has me where He wants me these days. No “Get Out of Jail Free Card” but none the less I am left with something challenging but doable.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. No one has support like I have. It is unbelievable powerful. Thank you one and all.

No coincidences love, Felipe.

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  1. ¡Hola Felipe!
    My nearest book on page 52, 4th and 5th sentences…”Soul has a fluency and energy that is not to be caged within any fixed form. Consequently, in the Celtic tradition there is a fascinating interflow between soul and matter and between time and eternity.”
    Leave it to John O’Donahue (Anam Cara: A Book Of Celtic Wisdom)…but Celtic or not…
    I think we have something to add to “a state of mind” here in defining “pilgrimage”. Our souls, enjoying this energy, brought us to and through the pilgrimages we’ve taken. You’re right: We are exactly where God wants us to be now.
    Good news indeed!

    1. Diego ~ pretty cool 4th and 5th buddy. Of course you can’t go wrong with J O’D. This topic is so fun to bat around. Thanks for you thoughts. I will try and get this in the blog. Miss you, Felipe.

  2. Deep thoughts Phil… a lot to think about:). And YAY to the no worse news on your scan! I know this chemo is a bear, so no relief there, but still…

    1. Michelle ~ miss you, come walk. Yes, thankful for the no growth. I think that our team is giving it poor ground to grow in. Felipe.x


    Ascetic pilgrimage–makes me wonder if that was a bit like the 30 day silent Ignatian thing!

    Peace and enjoyment on your good news!!


    1. Jessika ~ yes, I think you are on to something. I’m pulling out a quote from your comment to put in the blog. Felipe.x

  4. Querido Felipe,
    I missed yesterday’s post but nevertheless, had you present. I am glad the scan showed what it showed, despite would have loved something different, but, we know how this works: we get what we need, not what we want… And this might speak to what my 52page 5th sentence read: “All we can do is get out of the way and then the soul takes its natural course.” (I had Richard Rohr’s, Breathing under water in my kindle, next to me!)

    I have been wanting to comment on the revelation that came up about the Camino/Pilgrimaging after Catherine’s email. You know I am a big fan of what we are doing here… you can tell, I am down here in the South Cone, speaking other language, living in another season, and still feel part of the neighborhood that is running in… the ciberspace?… And I think it is possible because we are pilgrims, and being a pilgrim for me doesn’t really mean having walked the Camino. The Camino, when you are not a pilgrim yet or have not mastered the pilgrim’s skills yet, is a boot-camp, as you defined; but the Camino (or any other pilgrimage) is not particularly needed to be a pilgrim.

    On the contrary, the neighbourhood is 100% needed to be a pilgrim. A pilgrim alone is not a pilgrim, maybe it is a solitary walker (or a “walking pilgrim”). What we need to be pilgrim are the other pilgrims. The other pilgrims make us be better pilgrims, and viceversa. And I think I could share the wisdom of Fr. Ruben, the priest at the church where I went to school; he loves language and likes to explain the etymology of words, and he said that “Benevolent” comes from the Italian “Bene=Bien” – “Vole=wish to do”, so someone benevolent is someone who wants to do good to others, therefore, the others are needed to express our best qualities. Generosity is nothing if there is nobody giving us the opportunity to be generous, and I could go on.

    So, coming back the pilgrims idea, I think walking with a destination, walking with no destination, walking in circles, or even walking mentally, is needed to go to the encounter of others (that is essential, and I think the “pilgrims” figure that they “needed to go out of themselves to meet the others”, and then, once you met the others, you have an opportunity to master your pilgrim’s skills.

    YES! BIG PILGRIMS LOVE!!! Thank you for going out and meeting me!

    1. Do you think we need to clarify that my salary as South American Bureau Chief isn’t related with the number of words I write?! I don’t want to have our affiliates thinking that I write long to increase my salary!!! I write long because I lack the succinct gen!!! 😀 😀 😀

    2. Cris ~ so glad to hear from you on this topic. Could be your favorite topic, no? I am running out of time for the moment but I will pull ou a few quotes for the blog today. We are having fun “batting” (baseball) this stuff around. Miss you but we have the neighborhood! Felipe.x

  5. Great scan news!
    Your post brought to mind one of my favorite quotes:
    “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”
    Albert Einstein

    It sort of blends with the idea that the Camino really starts when one arrives in SdC.

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