The Myth

Our East Coast Bureau Chief Ronaldo put this up on FaceBook this morning and just in the nick of time.

It is my understanding that myth is a very useful thing. As in the bible story that the above graphic is referring to, Zacharias being a short guy sought a tree to chimb to catch a glimpse of Jesus. Well, that’s my short version. Anyway isn’t myth like that in a sense that we can employ it to get where we need to go.

In 2013 and 14 while I was walking my homemade camino it was very helpful to use the myth that I was walking across Spain to focus my energy and make the journey “fun”. It placed it above mere exercise. Not that there is anything wrong with exercise but sometimes at least for me, it needs help.

Lately on the blog I have been writing of using the “America Guerrilla” myth to learn how to operate in my life with cancer. That particular link up was not conscious but nevertheless worked. I can’t explain the how of that.

I see it as a template that we can use to organize our effort. There is always only so much energy for any particular effort and this is economical. Well,that is the first thing that comes to my mind. It must have other benefits also.

OK, my battery is getting low. Time to attend to finishing up my chemo treatment for today. Will write to you on Turkey Day.

Stuffing loves, Felipé.

4 thoughts on “The Myth”

  1. Hi Phil,
    This remarkable fall here in the NW has opened up possibilities for outdoor work that are rare, and I have been working these days, with gratitude for the beauty, for my current health, and the gift of this farm that I am stewarding more than in some years which have had more trouble. Someone asked me why I was doing all this, and I said, to get ready for what is next. She was surprised by this for some reason. But Camino people will get it… This day I can go further because I can, because being ready for help or hurt is to still be walking in grace. Happy Thanksgiving, thankful for you and yours…

    1. Michelle ~ thank you so much for heartfelt thoughts. I too tried to make the most of the dry. For the first time in forever I took time to plant and pamper a little winter garden of spinach and green onions. Experimental would be a good word for it but so far so good as we say. Hey, so I will put your comment up on the Thanksgiving post tomorrow. Hope to see you soon. Felipé.x

  2. I will take this idea of “the tree was already planted” with me today. Powerful. POW-ER-FUL!!! Thank you.

    1. Annie ~ that was from Ron our East Coast Bureau Chief. It is very powerful, yes! Happy Thanksgiving, Felipé.x

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