The Land of No Coincidences

Who is that guy?!?

Somehow it is not Kansas anymore. All that in our rear view mirror now. But where are we? What are we doing here? Can we be comfortable here in this new land? Comfortable is not the right word but what is the right word? Can we flourish here once we figure it out like our ancestors who came to the geographic America threadbare and hungry with nothing but a desperation/hope double combo full meal deal within them.

We though have fallen through a looking glass. That is it, isn’t it? We were equally threadbare, hungry, desperate/ hopeful. We have discovered Heartship so far though. Our Caminoheads are changing to Caminohearts before our eyes. We are in the process of internalizing the situation, the Camino experience. Someone wrote on FaceBook in the last few days that after the Camino things were never the same. Yes, something massively significant occurred AND continues to unfold for us.

There is something that has overtaken us. Something strong but stealthy like fog and subtle like a mist. We can’t quite put our finger on it but it seems to have stalked us. We the hunted. And maybe there is a time of trying to figure it out being over soon and we can surrender to a time of enjoying it. Maybe it has been all figured out for us all along and now we are just catching on to that fact here in the Land of No Coincidences.

Right now I am so happy with the blessings that this holiday of Thanksgiving has brought to us. It all seemed more poignant this year. A drop of gratitude in the mix of our lives can go a long way to healing our many rifts.

Enjoying you loves, Felipé.

8 thoughts on “The Land of No Coincidences”

  1. ¡Hola Felipe!
    Great ideas posted today: almost comfortable in our new land after being on “the Way”.
    So, within the stealth-like fog that hovers over the Marauder Land of No Coincidences down south of Vashon…there is a faint whisper of a notion that there may be a Caminohearts Convention in the distant future. Always ready for another stage!
    ¡Dios les bendiga!

    1. Diego ~ hey hi. News travels fast. All in the planning stages but it promises to be exceptional. Miss you. Felipé

  2. Yeah. Yup. Spot on.
    Joanna and I have had a Rabbit Hole/Looking Glass Summer and Fall down here on the lower edge of the NW Bureau territory. We couldn’t go outside all summer without masks–wildfires were all around us. No barbecuing.( in Summertime? Imagine!) No driving on unpaved roads. No walks in the park. No airing-out the house. No open doors or windows. We had to have evac bags packed and our important records, valuables (not much) and a few family pics and treasures packed. All very portable. had to choose what to leave behind that would likely burn if we did have to evacuate. We had Alerts about fire trajectories several times a day on our phones.
    We were fortunate– the fires didn’t hit our town.
    We also had a summer of elder care– Jo’s parent, not married since the mid 60’s but both here in town –were in their 90’s. Her dad passed in July; her mom– a sweetheart– just a few weeks ago. We were responsible for their care for several years, and were very much with and beside them in their final weeks. A Camino of sorts; a two person trek through uncharted and often challenging (well, often unexpectedly difficult, really) territory. And now we are not the same. But not like the not-the-same that happens when you’re just busy doing stuff you expect to do. I mean Transformationally Not-The-Same. Yet, it’s still not clear where we’ve emerged TO, what Transformationally Not-The-Same IS, as Jo and I were discussing earlier today.

    But– then ‘Caminoheads and Caminohearts’ perched itself right in front of me: ‘Transitions’ framed just exactly, perfectly right.
    No coincidence.
    No coincidence.
    Thank you, my friend, for being in the exact center of where you best can be, and then sharing that place with us.
    I have some more to share here, especially some ‘last words’ that still somehow amaze and mystify – and seem to lead somewhere. But that’s for later.
    Today, here in the NW Bureau Chief space, is alperfect.

    1. Thank you Steve ~ what a tough trail Jo and you have traveled. I am glad that you see the value in it. Thanks for the visit recently, I really needed that. Alperfect once again, Felipé.

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