The Camino is all around…

Camino sign in Xativa.

Dear Caminoheads,

Thank you for all the messages and the confirmation that you are still around the neighborhood!

I need to tell you about yesterday, but today let me share that I am in a place called Xativa, 45 mins south from Valencia. I could say that it is one small city but at the same time that it is one of those tiny towns that we walked through ¬†when walking the Camino… lovely people, everyone in the streets having coffee, or beers, or just reading the newspapers, greeting each other and talking loud from table to table, I saw lots of smiling faces… and you surely can picture the location: ¬†small houses painted with different vibrant colors and balconies with flowers, super narrow streets, kind of hilly, the best “cafe con leche”, and as you can imagine… CAMINO SHELLS!!!!!!


How can the day be other than great?

Smily Spanish loves,


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