Sybil and Mary on the Camino/Over Half Way

Sybil and Mary at the halfway sign a few days ago.
Again, in Leon.

Sybil and Mary are a couple of folks from here on the Island. We had a sendoff party for them maybe a month ago. So some pics have come in making their progress, the latest being Leon. It feels good to think about all that from my armchair. What a bunch of work, right?

Hehe anyway, What is on the schedule for today? We got Autumn coming here and trying to get all the chores done that relate to that change. Visitors are still coming to walk on the trail. BLT’s are prominent on the menu with ripe tomatoes in abundance.

There is talk of having a getogether next summer for as many Caminoheads as can make it. Just starting to put together timing and logistics. Stay tuned for details on that. This is exciting stuff.

Also just following this post I am going to put up the walking schedule for the rest of September and October. There are quite a few days in October that I will be absent and the trail will be closed. Want you to be aware.

Catherine y Dana, major players in our neighborhood are winging back from England after their pilgrimage there. We missed them so. We will come up with a report on Dales Way for you in the next few days soon as they are ready.

OK, you guys are the best ever. Keep in touch, more good stuff to come loves, Felipe.

2 thoughts on “Sybil and Mary on the Camino/Over Half Way”

  1. Oh, I love fresh BLT’s. We have only small cherry tomatoes for salads left in our garden. Lets hear More on this summer get together for Caminoheads. I am planning on going over to the big Camino if everything works in our favor. I am so sorry not to get to Indy. I have been working so much and in order to keep up with teachers out on their first teaching Camino, I need to be running round SoCal to ensure all 19 of them are being set up for success as they enter the profession. I go as far south as Santa Anna, as far east as Banning (towards Palm Springs) as far north as Victorville (Barstow area) and almost to LA in the West. I put 1109 miles on the poor mini in 10 days. I vow not work so much next semester so I can be more available to Annie and Phil’s Camino, missing my Camino family muchly! I will be sending many happy thought your way to Indy and much love and luck to you, Rebecca and Annie.

    1. Dear Carol, our fav handler ~ I know that you are busy, thanks for your dedication to you calling. We will have a great time down the trail somewhere, don’t worry. Miss you muchly, Felipe.x

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