The Shortest of Short

I have 15 minutes to do this so a little short story is in order.  Rebecca, my dear wife, and another lady had the job once of doing an estate sale.  The people whose property was to be sold were some of those amazing folks that lived through the Great Depression.  They were very frugal and watchful and never threw anything away it seems.  So, Rebecca and Susan are sorting and pricing and displaying in preparation for the big weekend sale.  And they come across this cigar box with the writing on the lid, “Pieces of String, Too Short to Save”.   That’s it!

One thought on “The Shortest of Short”

  1. LOL! I have got to tell this one to my mom! I absolutely love this! Thank you for sharing. As I continue to clear out clutter from my home, I will let this story guide me. For instance, am I creating my own version of a cigar box entitled “Books I never liked that much” or “wrapping paper that’s too wrinkled to use”. Uh Oh, I think I might have those….

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