Shoot, Let’s Keep Laughing.

Just because it’s fun!
(photo P Volker)

I think I may have gotten something good started yesterday with telling Camino stories, just to pass the time away. Mary Margaret in Comments was reminding me about the night that we got “louder than the Italians.” I don’t really remember too many details of that but … MM seems to remember that while one of us was learning that the beds were quickly getting taken up the other of us was ordering another bottle of wine. Somehow after the second bottle Kelly, MM and I managed to fall into a room somewhere close by like a pile of puppies. We were probably labeled “troublemakers”.

One sunny day, weren’t they all, MM, Angela (Australia) and I were pleasantly hiking along when somehow the topic of gun control came up. Immediately simultaneously MM and I, astute as we are, realized that we, the two of us, were diametrically opposed on this, smiled and broke it off. Somehow the Camino moment was too beautiful to be messed with. We knew that for sure. Angela smiled.

Maybe one more. Kelly was always being, well, Kelly. Other people found the two of us entertaining. Of course there wasn’t much competition really out there in the middle of nowhere (MON). Things always got exciting when we were coming into a town. Kelly would say, “Come on you guys, the brass band is probably tired of waiting around for your slow asses.” Then I would say, “Oh, I can hear the corks popping!” Then he would ask something like, “Is my tie straight?”. Then I might ask, “How’s my makeup?”. Everything seemed to be fun or made into fun.

OK, here we are on the second last day of 2020 walking toward the beginning of 2021. I think that we could keep it fun if we try.

I think I hear the brass band loves, Felipé.

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  1. Okay, here’s one of my hold your sides laughing Camino tales: One night early on in our pilgrimage, I created quite a stir when, after lights out, in the pitch dark, I carefully counted five beds over in the snoring room, and climbed into the top bunk of a bed already occupied. There was a blood-curdling scream and awakened cries, and I couldn’t get down the ladder. “Mom, Mom!” yelled Katherine in English from across the room, immediately identifying us to the whole sleeping room as the American mother-daughter team, while a man awakened by the screams called out “¿Eh, Que paso? ¿Que paso?” ready to defend the honor of the screaming woman.

    1. Henriette ~ dang hard to beat that one! Just think of all the people still talking about it. Felipé.x

  2. *PS. Katherine got the worst case of the giggles of her entire life, which didn’t help matters any.*

  3. Gun control a touchy subject in the USA, strange that it doesn’t seem to be a matter with political clout in any other country on Earth!I was brought up with the things in South Africa and we had about 7 guns mainly handguns,weakest being a .25 automatic, although I wouldn’t like to get shot with one!,most potent a .357 magnum.ah as they say a different world.on a non firearms related matter on the 2nd of January the Earth will be closest to the Sun it’s orbit being slightly egg shaped probably due to the pull of Mars and Jupiter?

    1. Kevan ~ thanks for checking in on this LAST day of 2020. A very Happy New Year to you and your neighborhood! Felipé.

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