Rho’s Friday Guest Post A Day Early

(My Wifi is very funky this morning and is making my writing of today’s post difficult. So, here is Rho great guest post that is really for tomorrow to fill in. Felipé)

St Francis Basilica, 2018.
(photo by author)

“The Camino will provide.”

I have heard these words many times; from those who have experienced this in their personal journeys and from those encouraging others who are pondering this endeavor. As someone who has done spiritual pilgrimages in and around Assisi, Italy but has yet to do a walking Camino I too have pondered this phenomenon which many have confirmed to exist.

In November I had the opportunity to participate in a wonderful retreat at the Mary and Joseph Retreat Center in Palos Verdes, California. It was led by none other than Terry Hersey, a fellow Vashon Islander and also good friend of Phil’s. While there were many aspects to this retreat I would say that the three themes which resonated with me the most were; the sacredness of the present moment, permission, and the one I want to explore here, the word sufficient.

Up until this retreat if someone were to ask me the opposite of scarcity, my answer easily would have been abundance. And I suppose in a literal, English language sense it is, but it wasn’t until last November that I was presented with a new thought from Terry, and I began to ponder if another opposite of scarcity could be the word sufficient.

For the past two years I have been actively pursuing a significant purge of items in my house. To say I had an abundance of stuff would be an understatement. This material excess has helped to keep my emotional connections to special times, people, and places, it has blinded me with feelings of security in knowing that if one is good 17 must be better, and I have come to understand it has filled a void of needed companionship. But in all this attaining I had never considered “What is enough?” What is sufficient?”

In learning to let go of stuff and all the emotional connections I have to it, I have at times felt as I did on those pilgrimages in Italy. Times where I could be present to the scared moments, clarity as to what I truly need in life, and sense an inclusion into the rhythm of life and those around me. During those times on my pilgrimages I was content with what I had. What was provided was sufficient and nothing more was needed.

Does the Camino provide because it knows our needs? Does it provide because we gain clarity to what our needs are? Or does it provide because when we are there we are open to receiving what is sufficient? And, what does one do with abundance on the Camino? Not the abundance of friendships built or gratitude generated but the abundance of having more than we need, more than we can carry, or more than we can eat.

When people say the words “The Camino will provide” they are sharing with us that we can trust our needs will be provided for and perhaps that is the true treasure of the word sufficient. Abundance can be a blessing, but is can also be a burden, yet with sufficient we can learn to experience, learn to trust, the contentment that comes with having just enough and that just enough can be sufficient.

Sufficient Blessings!


9 thoughts on “Rho’s Friday Guest Post A Day Early”

  1. Thank You Rho for this well written blog.

    If we could all learn to live with”sufficient”the world would be a much better place.

    I especially liked your comment”if one is good 17 must be better”.

    Being that your name, Rho,is the 17th letter in the Greek alphabet………….

    Somewhere I see a connection…………….Mmmmm.


    1. You are welcome William. 😊

      I didn’t realize Rho was the 17 letter. 🤔
      For some reason when I was writing 17 just felt right.
      Thanks for sharing your observation on the connection.


  2. What a great, thought-provoking post, Rho.

    The combination of ‘What is sufficient?’ and the focus on the value of friendships and gratitude needs to be surrounding us every day. I feel the same way and verbalize to Ann (and anyone else who I can capture long enough to listen) that we are so blessed to be living in this wonderful place and getting to do unexpected things with new friends.

    I hope to see you in August!


    1. Thank you Ronaldo!

      This is the first blog post I have felt completely comfortable with. Big shoes to fill even with Felipe’s blessings.

      It is a wonder place we live and I also appreciate this place here that Phil has created. We get to be part of a community and talk to people we might not otherwise know (unless you all come out to the Veranda in August!)

      I hope to meet you there too!


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