One Little Bean

Burton Church envelope with Yu Hoh Wong bean seeds.  The exclamation mark is priceless.
Burton Church envelope with Yu Hoh Wong bean seeds. The exclamation mark is priceless.

Last evening we had a private showing of Phil’s Camino here in the living room of Raven Ranch house. Our Wiley worked miracles to get us linked up to it out there somewhere wherever it resides. We Skyped with Annie while we watched. It is 27 minutes long and the twelve of us watched it twice clutching Kleenexes and champagne flutes. Wow!

It is beautiful, soulful, poignant and funny here and there. To me as having been involved with much of the component parts it is amazing to see the whole (95% there). And the whole is a beautiful story and much larger than the pieces. I am so so lucky to have somehow been a part.

This early morning I was up at 0530 and scurrying around the kitchen making a fire and coffee and cleaning up the leftover party mess. I got to sweeping the floor of debris and had a little pile to scoop up when I spied one little dried bean there amoungst the crumbs, toothpicks and leaves. I knew exactly what it was by its distinctive shape, size and color as one of My Rebecca’s precious “Yu Hoh Wong” bean seeds that she faithfully collects and dries and saves for her next year’s garden. How easy it would have been to sweep that pile into the dustpan and on into the fire. But that one seed was crying out to get my attention. It started by telling me of its winter sleep that it was just embarking on with its deep subtle mysteries. It told me of the miracle of spring coming and a wonderful growing season full of such joy and promise. It told me of a bountiful harvest and how one seed would multiply to be a hundred provided with a little food, water, sun and protection. It said that it’s nourishment would help my family and friends prosper and that would ripple outward into the Universe. It said that after a beautiful summer it too would experience an meaningful autumn of life just as I was now. It’s beautiful framework would dry and get ready to go back to the earth but first it would give forth one precious pod that would contain the future provided that someone would pick it and dry it and save it.

OK OK I picked the little guy up and put him with his budddies in the little brown envelope there on the kitchen counter. A lesson from one little desperate Yu Hoh Wong bean seed, right? One seed is much much more than one seed I learned.

But it is so much like our desperate little 27 minute film. Somehow, someway it has gotten this far through thick and thin. It has survived on meager rations and a little moisture where it could find it. It begged, borrowed and stole. Saint James noticed it struggling and appreciated its intention and shortly afterward the Universe began to conspire in it’s strange convoluted way to push it forward to this point. We are so lucky to be here to ride along with it. But most importantly it is a little seed that promises much.

Happy to be a small part of the whole, love, Felipe.

4 thoughts on “One Little Bean”

  1. Is it just me or is this your most beautiful post yet? You have become such an amazing writer, Felipe! Or maybe you always were a great writer, I just never knew it. I have to laugh when I think about how you said something about maybe you would do a blog, and I simply pointed you in the right direction. Wow! I’m wiping tears away as I write this, it is just so lovely. Good on you. You are so incredible. What more can I say. <3

    1. Annie ~ the discipline of doing posts every day is paying off. Also am rereading the Alcemist which alway puts me in an expansive space. Then so high from last evening. SJA, Felipe.

  2. Sometimes I feel like that little bean seed when you and Rebecca found me in a strange landscape after my diagnosis. Your hearts gifted me a place of safety and care that I could pass on to multiply with smiles and softness to lighten someone else’s day. That is a miracle of spring and a growing season that outlives the seasons even as winter approaches. Thank you.

    1. Jennifer ~ ah, I suppose that we have the power to all save each other if we can recognize the need and take the action. It’s called investing in someone, I have heard. Bless you and what are you making for lunch on Wednesday? Just wondering, Felipe.

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