On a 21st of April 2015…

I discovered that our Catherine and Dana were here… already baptised as pilgrims…!!!!


Dear Caminoheads,

Following Ryck’s, I closed my eyes and pointed to a year, and 2015 came up. I looked at the 21st post, and… here it was this lovely gift… A sweet memory is always a gift… and memories from the Camino, and especially when they come like images from the early foggy mornings, the shared meals, and the sounds of conversations we had, they are not just a gift, but the best gift ever!

This is what Catherine sent to Phil 7 years ago, and what Phil shared with us… I feel privileged to be able to repost it again!

Thank you Catherine and Dana!!! We LOVE you!!!


Pilgrims loves,



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Here are some Meseta pics fresh in from the gals:

Here's a pic!
Here’s a pic!
Even though I don't know these people this is my personal vision of heaven right here.
Even though I don’t know these people this is my personal vision of heaven right here.

The miles roll by. I write you every day as I walk but when we get somewhere with “wee fee” the vino comes out, conversations start, and well, you know how it is. All wonderous. Covered over 200 miles of amazing country and great souls. Good humans and one fine dog. Think of you every day. Buen Camino!
Dana and Catherine