News from the Ranch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unbesmirched fingernails. Picture by Jim M.


The pilgrims have all departed after the great get together, the 2021 Oasis.  I had sixty bandanas and they are all gone.   And I made it!!   Just as there were serious questions about how the Oasis would fit with the Covid situation we also wondered about my health at this point.  That was a big wonder but I’m here!

Thank you for all your work on this,



Posted by Cris on behalf of Felipe, Phil, The General, The Boss.

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  1. And it was a wonderful gathering! Thank you, Phil and Rebecca, and everyone else who made this happen. A wonderful place to see old friends and make new ones.
    Buen Camino, Joy

  2. I did not make it because of family reunion here, but was in prayer and now thankful for all the mercy, grace, and love shared! Smiling.

    1. Dear Michelle,

      It is lovely to know we were there even when we were not, isn’t it? I can imagine your heart smiling! I am sure the family gathering was so much needed too.

      Hugs to you.

  3. As with many of the discoveries on the physical Camino experience, for me the time spent with the assembled multitude was punctuated with loving gazes into one-another’s eyes recognizing what we have in common, Phil and Rebecca’s smiles, Father David’s heartfelt words and actions at Mass. The meals and walking around the farm were life giving.
    And we were hosted by a gracious and supportive couple just down the road from Phil’s place thanks to Cris. We enjoyed time together with them as well and I think we planted some ‘come walk with US’ in Spain in their minds.
    A Camino size THANK YOU to all who made this possible. ¡Buen Camino!

    1. Dear Ron,

      I am so much looking forward to reading your writings on this event… I bet you will share something with us once the Camino dust settles and you are back to life in Spain… These have been so very much busy weeks and too many transportation means compared with the walking life in Astorga… But I am sure too, very needed and no doubts, very enjoyable.

      I love the line “punctuated with loving gazes into one-another’s eyes recognizing what we have in common…”… Indeed that says all.

      It was a dream of mine that Ann and you get to know Charlie and Marcie… So very pleased that the experience was great, and so very pleased that you left “that” message in their minds. My heart is smiling!!!

      Love you and Ann!
      Besos y abrazos

  4. I’ve been kidding Phil about the fine shape of his fingernails at Oasis time, happily exceeding expectations again, allowing full immersion and enjoyment of the Oasis. Although Catherine and Dana kinda ‘own’ the place with their amazing contrtibution to organization, setup and tear down/cleanup, we’ll stop by on Saturday and hopefully provide some respite from what’s gotta be Post-Oasis letdown as the the joyful chaos has diminished.
    Thanks Caminoheads. Wish we coulda been there.

    1. Dear Steve-O,

      The fingernails statement has indeed given us a parameter to measure success against, right? LOL. It is true that it was a moment when we wonder how this would be like, but as we “got into rhythm”, we gained in certainty that it will be the party, the celebration of life we all wanted it for and with Phil and Rebecca.

      Catherine and Dana, Jim and Jen, Richard and Susan, Janet, and so many others were key roles to make this event happen, and it couldn’t have been done without them. That island has indeed a wealth of goodness and kindness, and the roots of the friendships that grow there are the strongest ever.

      Thank you for showing up! And please get a super big hug from me to you!

  5. Dear Cris,

    While your physical presence was missed the happenings of the Oasis were evidence of the vast amount of your love, thought, and effort that propelled this occasion into existence. While possibly unseen, without close examination by those in attendance, your fingerprints were everywhere along with the love, cooperation, and hard work of many.

    With Gratitude and Thanks,

    Your Island Employee

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