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A tomato in the heart rocks.
(photo P Volker)

“Perhaps what I have come to understand, finally, is that somehow I have become the one I have always wanted. This is why I do the things that I do. There is a fierce love that wakes me up every morning, that makes me tell my stories, refuses to let me apologize for my being here, blesses me with the capacity to be silent, alone, and grieving when I most need to be. You have to understand that this is what I mean when I say healing.

Healing means we are holding the space for our woundedness and allowing it to open our hearts to the reality that we are not the only people who are hurt, lonely, angry, or frustrated. We must also release the habitual aggression that characterizes our avoidance of trauma or any discomfort. My goal is to befriend my pain, to relate to it intimately as a means to end the suffering of desperately trying to avoid it. Opening our hearts to woundedness helps us to understand that everyone else around us carries around the same woundedness. . .

May all beings be seen, held kindly, and loved. May we all one day surrender to the weight of being healed.“

– Lama Rod Owens 💛💙💜thanks

(Michele McNally had this up on FaceBook and she said it was OK to share with you. We are always interested in more thoughts on healing.)

There is a lot in there to chew on, to gnaw on here. I feel myself stretching as I read these words. Thanks Michele, works on it.

caminoheads loves, Felipé.

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