Monday Evening

Filipe at St Sevin, a fourth century monastery.


Just back to the safety of the hotel from a big dinner party.  It has been a tearful sort of wrapping  up of our trip.  I can see why these guys are involved with this long term.  All seems very rewarding.

Tomorrow we have a light day to pack our gear.  There is Mass of course.  Then in the afternoon there is another malade meeting.  This is the second, the first one was a really bonding experience.  Anyway, I plan on telling my one and only cancer joke tomorrow.  Somehow I feel the need to inject some additional humor into this situation.  There is something healthy about being able to laugh in a tough situation.

Ah, what is this my cancer joke?  Well OK, ready?  This guy falls off the roof of a six story building and as he is going by the sixth story windows and someone yells out, “Hey, how is it going?”.   He yells back, “ Oh so far so good! “  And the guy goes by the fifth story window and someone yells out from the fifth story, “Hey, how is it going?”  And he answers, “Oh so far so good! “   So you can see where this is going.

So as you are walking down the the hall at the hospital and your cancer buddy that knows the joke yells out, “Hey how is it going?”  You know to yell back, “So far so good!”  And that is what gets really funny!   So it is all about living in the moment, for today and being happy.  Who knows what is next?

Yea, off to dreamland now.  A little too much wine and laughs.  Buen Camino, so far so good loves, Felipe.


7 thoughts on “Monday Evening”

  1. IT brings me so much joy that you are there. It is such a special place. I didn’t want to tell you too much about things as I wanted to experience it on your own.
    I was going to have you pick up a “Mary’s Mantle” a Pashima that is royal blue with Bernadette praying in front of Mary with Lourdes on it. Many of the gifts shops have them they are in the 10-15 Euro price range. I don’t know if you will have the opportunity to find one but if you do, that would be great and of course I will pay you back. They are beautiful. I know they had some at the Hotel Solitude. I know I can always get one next year if I go.
    I’m so glad you had a great experience!! thanks for sharing your soul with us!

    1. Jessika ~ hi finally, after the blog is going again. Yes, back from Lourdes and still unpacking memories and will share them with you. Felipe.x

      1. Diego ~ thanks for being here with us at this moment. And thanks for the Saint Therese quote, just what I needed. The best to you buddy, Felipe.

  2. I must remember to send you the little piece I wrote on Hettienne, she’s an artist from South Africa who makes these little shadowboxes of souvenirs from Lourdes, but they function as portable pilgrimage sites for people – a little backyard Lourdes that you can put in your house. Love the story of the title of ‘So Far, So Good’ – I never knew the origin!

    1. Catalina ~ yes send me that story, sounds fascinating. Yea, “so far so good” is from the cancer joke, good one. Felipé.x

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