Annie and Felipé at the 2019 Veranda.
(photo W Hayes)
Terry Hershey and Felipé, September 2020.
(photo N Pendergast)

Just got off a Zoom with Annie O’Neil and Terry Hershey and that’s all I can think about. What a great hour! This is Annie’s show with the FaceBook group Pilgrimage in Place. You can join that group and get with this weekly interviews with Camino people, authors and other personalities.

I feel so indebted to the Camino and the Camino Spirit. I can’t help myself as Annie says or we can’t help ourselves is more to the point. This is such a powerful commodity that is here for the taking. On the Zoom today there was talk of gardening and the Camino as parallels or as places this spirit can be found. These things are hard to talk about for words only seem to go so far.

Terry has remarkable story and insights. Maybe tune in later at 3:00 Pacific time to catch the second installment of the Annie and Terry show. You may have to join the Pilgrim in Place FaceBook Group to get started.

Ah, so may thoughts streaming through my head after that hour. I can’t seem to settle on one to write about. Over stimulated I think is the term.

I think that I will go for now.

marvelous loves, Felipé.