Last Chance For Janurary Walking Schedule 1/29/2020

Sometimes a bit of sun.
(photo P Volker)

Still the wintertime schedule here at Phil’s Camino. Still the need for rubber boots and most of the time raingear. But we are walking, talking and feeding the birds as always.

Monday 0900-1000
Tuesday 1530-1630 (tapas after)
Thursday 0900-1000
Sunday 1530-1630 (tapas after)


2 thoughts on “Last Chance For Janurary Walking Schedule 1/29/2020”

  1. Walking, Talking, Feeding the Birds–and praying the Rosary. Tonight we did a Living Rosary at St. Joe’s (we each were a bead, and the Our Fathers held vigil candles to mark the decades) for Immigrants. It was beautiful. Lots of children came, and some people who had not prayed the rosary before, or in many years. We could do it at the Verandah. Fr. John gave out wooden rosaries from Jerusalem.
    PS Would you consider keeping the Winter Schedule (1530 followed by tapas) all year ’round for those if us, like the wise men, who come from afar and need to catch the 6:45 ferry back to the mainland? Just sayin’
    Rosary Love,
    Henriette Anne
    ps you still haven’t convinced me that we need an extra Iluminati Mystery . . .

    1. Henriette ~ OK we will try that if we have enough folks on hand. I sounds interesting. I’m thinkin on your scheduling idea. And third I do want to get us rosary books from Magnificot (sp?). Anyway, hope to see you soon. Felipé.x

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