Jumping On The Blog Again

Sunrise on a clear day, not this one.

It’s 0830, past dawn and the outdoors is foggy with very limited visibility, good blogging weather. I’ve listened to the same Pink Martini CD twice, coffeed up and am ready to blast off to be with you. So how are you? Summer where you are? Half of our friends are up and off to Mexico or New Mexico, somewhere south. Not us though, someone has to hold the fort.

Today we are going to cover the third of the Pilgrim Beatitudes. These little jewels don’t always reveal themselves on first glance. They can be slightly veiled, which this one is. Number three:


We’ve been contemplating the “Camino” for almost three years here at Caminoheads and that’s a lot of dawns. Always seems to be some new angle or detail or revelation. And it is definitely full of names. New folks show up all the time to add to the conversation. Folks that have been here a long time come up with new ways to look at things. If any of you want to ever write a paragraph or more for us on your Camino thoughts you are always welcome.

Time for me to hit my trail. The day calls with chores and opportunities. Hope that things go well for you. Love dawns, Felipe.

5 thoughts on “Jumping On The Blog Again”

  1. Now is the time to gather soul friends into your heart, take their hands and walk with them through this time. We are so blessed to have you as our neighbor, our Camino buddy and mentor, our friend.

    1. Exactly Catherine, that is what we should do. There are some serious cross currents right now that will tear us apart if we don’t watch out. Hold the center! Felipe.x

  2. Thinking of dawns, I read something once or more by CS Lewis or GK Chesterton, about how God does not tire of dawns. The “do it again” of an excited young person, the “ah yes” of an elder. A joy always. A mercy and blessing, especially in difficult times. New life every day.

    1. Michelle ~ new life everyday, I like it. Thanks and spring is coming. Oh day after tomorrow is GHD. I wonder what Phil will come up with? Not this Phil, the other Phil. Felipe.x

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