I’ve Got No Lessons For You Today

The leaves are starting.
(photo P Volker)

Geez, wasn’t that a great post yesterday? How am I going to follow that I ask? Hmm. Sitting outside on the ranch. Everything is calm with the sun creeping across the landscape. Have a Zoom QandA here in a few minutes. It’s Annie’s group and they just watched Phil’s Camino and hopefully have questions for us.

Saw some cowboy writing yesterday which was taking about being “ON the ranch” rather than the usual at the ranch. Most of us here talk about being “on Vashon Island” and “at Vashon” seems wrong. And I remember when I was visiting Malta the island nation the natives used “in Malta” when I wanted to say “on Malta”. But whatever I like the feel of “on the ranch” and I don’t know exactly why. Wow, I suppose this is some sort of language lesson that I cobbled together.

Carol, my handler, is about ready to call me and get me organized for this Zoom. Just enjoying the last few minutes of quiet before the show gets to warming up. Ravens flying overhead, fall leaves raining down on me as I sit. Oh there’s Carol!

OK, great session with Annie and all the folks that she gathered on her Zoom meeting. A hour is hardly enough time. Cris and Ron, two of our Caminoheads Bureau Chiefs we’re there. Author Esther Janzsen showed up to add some kind words. She called it “a love fest on Phil”. Geez!
Anyway, I would say they are my people, that is the way I see it.
And Annie is doing such a great job with this venue. She’s got authors and filmmakers and all kinds of interesting folks lined up to be in these weekly productions. Maybe check out her FaceBook group Pilgrimage in Place to learn more.

OK, next project today is to move some firewood for a friend. See you soon. Will be back on Zoom at 3PM with Pilgrimage in Place.

OK loves, Felipé.

10 thoughts on “I’ve Got No Lessons For You Today”

  1. Phil thank you for your thoughts on PIP this morning. I would like you to know you are quite an inspiration. I am just slightly older than you and a cancer survivor. You are my inspiration to do a virtual Camino.

    Thanks again and may God bless you.

    1. OK Joe, more power to you! It’s all about inspiration any more. You will inspire someone else with your joyful effort. Thanks for being there. Felipé.

  2. Malta comprises 3 islands; Malta, Gozo and Comio. I’d say you are in the nation of Malta but on the island of Malta? Islands are fascinating things.did you know that Mercer Island not far from you is the most populated island in the USA to be in a freshwater lake?

    1. Kevan ~ Malta is a very special place to Rebecca and myself. I also have been hanging out with the Order of Malta. There is a topic! Mercer Island is exactly why Vashonites never want a bridge. We want to stay quaint and quirky! Thanks, Felipé.

  3. You gave and give us more lessons than you can ever imagine…
    I am so super grateful that you are my friend and I am yours -in addition to being your employee! (hahaha!)-

    I love you!

    1. Cris ~ thanks for being there for the two sessions. I thought that they went well. Thanks, Felipé?x

  4. Some people classify the Order of Malta as the world’s smallest country but not the UN for which it is the Vatican State.it comprises a few buildings in Rome and the only one that the public can enter is the post office which sells stamps but it’s not a member of the International Postal Union so not all countries except it’s stamps.it also produces passports for it’s few citizens but I’m guessing that they are dual nationals keeping the passports of their original home country as, like the Vatican State,I doubt that anyone has been born in the SOM?Malta itself is small,densily populated and has a lot of interesting Neolithic monuments to visit.Maltese is the only Semitic language to be written in the Roman script but the people speak English too and often alternate between the two when talking to each other!Malta was at one point going to give the Order of Malta some land on Malta to set up a proper micro nation but the deal fell through and now their land on Malta is on a 99 year lease so let’s hope what happened,is happening,in Hong Kong doesn’t happen there!

    1. Kevan ~ Above and beyond the property in Rome the Order is an organization that has chapters world wide. There are Knights and Dames doing work for the benefit of the sick now just like they always did. They are credited with starting the first hospital anywhere which was in Jerusalem so they are also known as the Knights Hospitaler. We here on the West Coast are in the Order’s Western Association. I went to Lourdes, France for a week in the Spring of 2018 with this group, me and forty nine other malades from the western states. With this in mind they are very much alive. Felipé.

  5. Okay, just to add my 2 cents. On the East Coast, when we are waiting with other people for something to happen, we call it “standing on line.” And in fact, the deli guy would yell, “Next on line” when it’s your turn. When I came out West, people looked at me funny. and said it was “waiting in line,” and I had it all wrong. Still think ON makes more sense. Go figure.
    And, of course it’s ON the farm: “How you gonna keep ’em down ON the farm, after they’ve seen Paree?”

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