“It Never Gets Old”

Never get’s old!


“It never gets old!”  I am quoting what Mary Margaret, one of my old Camino buddies said about walking and talking with her fellow pilgrims as she went into Santiago for the third time now.  Good for you MM!

It was like Christmas in June around Raven Ranch today.  A nice book showed up in the mail and a box of wine showed up.  Not wine in a box but a box of wine bottles.  Yes, thank you guys, you know who you are.

It’s a shorty post today.  I have a date to watch an episode of Father Brown with My Rebecca here in a few minutes.   They are “who done it’s” that always have trick endings.

Ok, all this Mr Rogers’ stuff has been really great.  It warms my little pea picking heart, oh wait that was somebody else.  Thanks for stopping by, love, Felipe.

4 thoughts on ““It Never Gets Old””

      1. Ha! I never saw this comment until now… that by the way, I am doing my homework that will be delivered to you no later than this week!

        How did I get so lucky to “land” in this amazing neighborhood?!

        Love from these latitudes (just next door, really!),

        1. Cris ~ yea, please get that homework in. For the life of me though I don’t have a clue what that might be. Forgetful Felipé.

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