High Pressure – Alarm, Alarm, Alarm!

Catherine took this yummy pic along Phil's Camino this AM.
Catherine took this yummy pic along Phil’s Camino this AM.

That’s how my day started out, no joke. You know, everything has alarms or rings, or ringtones, seems like EVERYTHING. I’m reaching a critical point where I am starting to block stuff out and not pay attention. Is it all really that critical?

But OK that was a rant. But this morning my portable chemo pump started alarming all over the place: High Pressure, High Pressure, High Pressure!
Yea, and all before coffee. Gee, I don’t know, can I ignore it? Well, I guess not. So I call the magic 800 number and after answering a bunch of questions finally get the go-to-gal in North Carolina. And she starts asking me questions like what is the name of your pump and I say “Pancho”. And she says huh. She doesn’t know who she is talking to, obviously. What she really wanted to know, which is of lesser importance, is that it is a CADD-Legacy Plus.

So, it didn’t take her long to pinpoint the old problemo. It was the sort of a thing only a redneck would come up with so I felt pretty stupid but it turned into a good laugh. In tracing the plastic line that connects Pancho to my port I came across the point where I had pinched it off with my suspenders clip where the tube ran out of my clothing and across the top of my jeans. Yea, right there where a fella clips things together. This is all before coffee, mind you.

Well, that’s how it all started out but things improved. Had a great walk with Bill (the new guy), Dana y Catherine. We got a lot of talking in, high quality talking. Then got some taxes paid, bills paid, work done. Now I have to put my redneck hat back on and prepare venison heart for dinner, dinner of champions!

Tomorrow have some great news to report from Annie about Phil’s Camino documentary. So stay tuned, love you, Felipe.

2 thoughts on “High Pressure – Alarm, Alarm, Alarm!”

  1. Ok– THAT was as piece worthy of the New Yorker. Only, even funnier for me as I think of you finding the problem with a vigorous, exclamatory “HO–OHHHHH!”
    I laughed my butt off!
    and now my Levis are baggy.

    What can I say but, “Humor heals the spirit” & “Take heart, old friend.”

    1. Dear Baggy ~ man and that all was done before coffee you have to remember. We never close, Felipe.

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