Finding Patience Again

A pic from William our CCBC.
(photo W Hayes)

It was a few years ago now that I had been asked by one of our visiting pilgrims at Phil’s Camino, “What have you figured out?” I had just told her that our walks were reminding me of what I had heard about the salons in Paris long ago. Interesting people were coming and ideas were worked on and things were figured out. Something like that, a paraphrase, as I remember. But her question really did stop me in my tracks then. I worked on that for a long while on the blog.

Were we then and are we now entertaining ourselves or are we uncovering ideas that will be useful and make a difference? What have we come up with in all this time that we have dedicated to Caminoing around. And Cris CSABC asked in a comment what have we learned that will help us out presently in the pandemic?

I’m here sitting in the truck under a tree in the shade in West Seattle . My cell is being worked on and I am here with you as I wait for the new battery to be implanted. One of my nurses from the Institute is on the ranch today. So I had better get this blog done now as I won’t have time latter when she grabs my attention.

But back to the question. One of the things that came out of the Camino was the need for patience. I can remember Laura one of my walking buddies saying she was going to capitalize it from then on. That seems like a very useful commodity these days as the pandemic creeps along.

There on the Camino very seldom did events line up the way that you thought that they should. Things were few and far between. Events happened usually out of order. We were not strictly individuals and we shared time. The group needed to do things as a group and we waited or
hurried to catch up. Of course all of our needs were taken care of in the end but in ways unforeseen and unimagined.

That kind of sensibility is needed now when so much is out of place, unavailable or just plain strange. Our patience is needed to bridge the gaps in “normality”. Let’s try and remember what it was like on the trail and conger up that patience.

new battery loves, Felipé.

2 thoughts on “Finding Patience Again”

  1. It takes patience to wait out problems with your phone. It takes patience to ride out the Coronavirus. And now I am remembering that Patience is the name you gave your sister you never met. What a lovely, old-fashioned name. A reminder to live by it.

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