Felipe News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then we pulled out the cork with a visegrips. Always a way!
(photo W Volker)


Laissez les bon temps roulez!

This last week I graduated to Hospice Care and am no longer taking any treatment.  The Island Hospice nurse came over to the Ranch today to ask a thousand questions and find out our vision of my flying away.  So, I ask if she is ready for my vision?  So, I described it starting with that I want to pretend that I am a Civil War General passing away in his tent.  And she didn’t blink and as a matter of fact said, “ How about costumes?”  Hehe!

So we are setting up the Elk Hotel (tent) on the deck by the house to have this happen.


And also the really fantastic news that describes the other half of the Circle of Life.  Wiley and Henna are pregnant with a baby girl and scheduled for February 22.  They are so glowing right now.  My Rebecca is so in heaven.   So that is the other side of it all.  I am so amazed by the synchronization of this whole thing.


So, Happy Saint James Day!  Where would we be without this guy?




Posted by Cris on behalf of The General (aka The Boss, Phil, Felipe)

10 thoughts on “Felipe News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Thank YOU Phil for this news.

    Know that I am thinking and PRAYING for YOU.

    I am simply delighted with the news of the upcoming birth. February the 22nd you say. In the world of Boy Scouts that day is known as “Thinking Day”.

    Okay General Phil…….Take care.

    With Love direct from my Heart.

    Your C.C.B.C.


  2. Senor Felipe,
    Have followed you mostly quietly listening to your stories and adventures, walked your Camino 1x with my Seattle sister and the Spain one also in 2017. Sending you love and Camino sparkle dust as you evolve in this next chapter knowing you are surrounded by new & old friends & acquaintances who care a lot about you.
    Karen Cole

  3. Sending love and prayers to you and Rebecca and your whole family as you continue to trust God and walk with Him on this new Camino. I am so grateful for you and you have touched our lives in a deep way.


  4. Oh Phil, you never cease to amaze me/us/the world! I just know that – as per usual – you will squeeze every possible joy out of your post-graduation time. SJA, In that this time coincides with Wiley and Henna’s news. Of course it does! We can’t help ourselves!
    Thank you fir gifting us this phase of your life in the same generous, loving, laughter-filled way you’ve shared the rest of your life. Spirit never dies, and I look forward to seeing you at the Oasis! As you say in the film (quoting Kelly) “We have eternity.” See ya there.

  5. On his death bed Robert E Lee is reported to have said, ” Strike the Tent”, a phrase that meant
    take the tent down… it’s time to move on. Lee was a man of profound faith and this would
    indicate that he viewed his death not as an end but as a moving on to what would come next.
    And making way for a new grandchild. Indeed Phil as the aforesaid commentator you never
    cease to amaze me literal tent and all.

    1. Dear Jim (Paul) and Gloria!!!!!!!!!!!

      I must have been calling you with my mind from down here in Buenos Aires!!! I spoke about you yesterday, and here is a comment that couldn’t be without a bibliographical reference!

      I have missed you!
      Big warm hugs to you and Gloria!

  6. Synchronization, Circle of Life.
    In the Big Picture WNC is an absolute truth.
    Thanks for the reminder. It helps.

    Reminds me of an early Mary Oliver poem,
    “The Rabbit”

    I’ll try to find it.

  7. I guess I was a day late on news… Well, that’s a good era for music. The soundtrack of the Ken Burns Civil War Documentary is one of my favorite albums. I’ll send you a copy. I love you dad. We are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder…

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