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Comment: oh come on Felipe! you don’t just talk about the fantastic recipe and dangle it out there like that without letting us know what the recipe is. Orange rhubarb sounds wonderful. Let us in on it ok. farmer John is off to start planting corn today. Have you got yours in the ground yet? it is getting that time.

Juan ~ We just Googled Rhubarb Jam and came up with the orange rhubarb jam combo. It’s very simple really, just the addition of orange zest and a little juice. It makes a terrific tasty combo with the standard rhubarb flavor. This is scary, Marines discussing cooking, must be a code.

Comment: Hola Felipe!
Two days of cold rain and wind here, ergo, no corn planted. Not as worried about that as I would have been in days past. A blessing of age no doubt. Very similar weather to what we had two years ago when I was getting ready for the Camino jump-off date 13 May. I was nervous then as I wanted all crops planted before I left. It didn’t work out that way and you know what? It didn’t matter. Isn’t it amazing how the Camino teaches us stuff before we even get on the Camino 😉

Just wanted you to know I’ve got a Fr Tom, too. One of the coolest guys ever. He was the first of all the priests I’ve had in life that we called by his first name. Prior to that, we’d never dream of that kind of intimacy, it was always Fr O’Brien or Fr Morriessy, etc. He even had a personalized license plate FrTom. Like I said, cool guy. He was also a career Army Chaplain and retired a few years ago as a full Colonel. The celebration was in a town about 50 miles from here so I rode my trusty bicycle there wearing my USMC riding jersey since we always jabbed each other about the “premier” service. I knew there were a lot of former military guys/gals in the audience so at the end, I jumped them all to Attention (amazing how ingrained that command is!) and we gave him a Present, Arms! Brought my old buddy to tears. But he wasn’t rattled enough to not return our salute. Love that kind of stuff.
Love your daily stuff too ol’ Jarhead. Keep calm and carry out the Plan of the Day.


Juan ~ I am counting on getting some major work getting done on my corn in the next few days. I am still on the early side but you know how that can disappear. I had a tremendously valuable session with Father Tom. He is retired Navy Chaplain, don’t know if I mentioned that. Not that there is anything retired about him. Nice story about your Army buddy. Yours in corn, Felipe.

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  1. Fr. Tom here…at SeaTac awaiting my wings back to Cali. What a wonderful time at Casa Volker. Phil and Becca, the consummate hosts. I enjoyed walking Phil’s Camino and re-learned the value of impermeable shoes. My hiking shoes from Burgos are now riddled with holes, from miles of walking the droughted trails of California. Ten meters on Phil’s wet-grassy camino had me sloshing in cold and soaked socks. The Camino was telling me something. So, said shoes are now in the dumpster at SeaTac. Relics of holy times on holy roads that are now simply hole-filled shoes. Buen camino, my dear friends. Thanks for accompanying me oh these many miles!

    My time with Phil re-kindled the camino spirit within my soul. Being with him is like re-entering the timelessness of pilgrim life “en camino”. It opened again my eyes to the angels that surround me in city life, but whom I never take time to greet. Life “en camino” has a mystical way of opening my soul to the strangers I meet along the way, impelling me to share freely the things I withhold from those with whom I work daily. What is it about that mystical trail? The lessons we all learn…

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